Ruger SR9C Reviews – Features, Benefits & Demerits

By | February 8, 2023

Meet the Ruger SR9C Centerfire Pistol, it is one of the rare guns that we absolutely admire. Not eschewing the fact that every weapon has its ups and downs, so does this gun, but the major part of it is beyond our expectations.

In the following Ruger SR9C review, we have penned down the various features, pros and cons of this model and talked in-depth about all of them. So read on to explore the Ruger SR9C from our perspective!


What To Look in Centerfire Pistols?

Searching for a centerfire can be a tough call, but believe us when we say that picking out your average centerfire is no cakewalk. There are certain things that you need to look out for while buying centerfire pistols. Out of all, a majority of them can be generalized to every type of handgun, but be picky while playing the risk.

1 Durability– Do make sure to look for durability, as most centerfires don’t last long so you’ll be needing something that’s handier. Durability mostly depends on the strength of the incurred materials, the barrel, the frame, the hammer, and the trigger. It’s not a bad idea to get a warranty or return period of three months or more.

2 Holding Capacity– post checking the durability do make sure to check the gun’s holding capacity. Some guns are more suited for users with larger hands while the others are specifically crafted for those with smaller palms. So look for the ones that fit in your hands perfectly and it also goes as per your shooting style

3 Accuracy– next you need to look in a centerfire pistol is the ability to be accurate. Test out the accuracy by firing rounds from multiple distances. Bonus points if the gun shoots well with single-handed pressure or in rapid-fire.

Make sure to check the offset, as it shouldn’t be more than a few inches.

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Ruger SR9C Centerfire

We have gone through multiple Ruger handguns in the past so we can claim without any doubt that this company is outstanding. The Ruger SR9C is one of the best Ruger centerfire pistols made for casual/ everyday use. It possesses a barrel whose length is about 3.4 inches and the overall length of the slide is 6.85 inches. It makes a perfect weapon for concealed carry and for aiming long distances.

Specifically, the one thing we loved about the Ruger was the size of ammo. This uses a 9mm Luger caliber and the bullets are just ideal for long-range shooting. They can cause the required damage within a matter of time. We also loved the glass-filled nylon frame on the gun, as it makes shooting a breeze.

While listing the Ruger SR9C reviews, the thing that captured our attention was the incredible thick grease on the spread on the inside of the barrel and even on the slides. It is a signature feature from Ruger, but we find it’s too thick and might inhibit performance. For that you need to field strip and swab the inside before using it.

Apart from that, the gun is JUST AMAZING. We surely recommend it to especially those with smaller palms, and those who can play well with a lot of weight. Having said that, it’s not at all recommended for the elderly or handicapped and even those who can’t bear too much weight.

Features & Benefits of Ruger SR9C

1. Concealed Carry Weapon –

The Ruger SR9C reviews are incomplete without appreciating that it is a concealed carry weapon. It clearly means that you can store it in holsters and waistbands and can keep it ready for use anywhere.
Its the barrel is only 3.4 inches long, while the entire gun is only 6.85 inches it makes it compact and easy to conceal. Although, its weight is a bit more than 23 ounces. So you need to be strong enough to deal with its heaviness. Apart from that, the Ruger SR9C makes an ideal CCW.

2. Caliber Type & Uses 

It uses a 9mm Luger caliber which offers a great cartridge for self-defense and concealed carry. It also causes necessary damage to the opponent and you can expect mere trouble while operating it.
More than 60% of the police force in the US uses a 9mm Luger caliber. This cartridge is best for long-range shooting, it can prove to be deadly from a distance of 50 meters.

3. Field Stripping 

The Ruger SR9C is portable when it comes to field stripping. The stripping being easy has nothing to do with the customer services, but you need to be prepared about the extra amount of grease. It can pose more problems than benefits, so watch out!
You might need to spare extra fifteen minutes to clean the barrel and apply some diluted lubricant.

4. Increased Capacity

Unlike other brands, the Ruger SR9C reviews do speak about its bullet holding capacity. It can contain 17 bullets, which is a massive upgrade from the rest of its competitors. The increased capacity helps in creating a lot of caliber for the gun to shoot with. And oh the best part is you get two extra complimentary magazines, so you can carry up to 51 rounds with you wherever you intend to go.
It is actually a lot more than other brands tend to provide.

5. Frame & Barrel Material

The frame of this Ruger design isn’t some less expensive classic polymer. Rather, it uses glass-infused nylon as the base of it’s frame. It makes the frame extra strong and durable, the one quality which you need in your centerfire pistol. The glass even provides some extra sturdiness and control.
The barrel includes pure stainless steel, with these materials you can make your gun last a bit more longer.

Pros & Cons of Ruger SR9C


  • Uses a 9mm Luger caliber, which is the best for long-distance shooting.
  • Good for concealed carry
  • Dimensions are pocketable and compact
  • Possesses a barrel length of 3.4 inches and an overall length of 6.8 inches.
  • Tiny and super handy
  • Offers a capacity of 17 bullets
  • Can carry more rounds along with you
  • The frame is made of glass-infused nylon
  • Stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly durable
  • Can remove grease, gun powder, dirt from the barrel in less time


  • Heavy lubrication inside, many find this as some extra feature but it is a demerit for sure.
  • Spare extra minutes to remove the unwanted layers of grease.
  • The pistol weighs more than 23 ounces
  • Heavier than the standard guns
  • Not recommended for elderly
  • The safety feature stops you from using the gun for a long time.

Our Thoughts

The gun holds all your favorite and essential features. We loved the nylon frame as it sticks out from all other polymer frames. Several companies don’t even bother to reveal what type of polymer they used in the making, so this is a bonus point. But we didn’t like the extra weight, as it was borderline above average. The manufacturers could have eschewed putting extra ounces in it.

As it makes the carrying less portable band more of a burden. But we live the small and compact look, it fits easily into the pocket or even a purse. It’s true and normal, every gun comes with its own set of pros and cons. For the Ruger SR9C Centerfire pistol, we will strongly push for it’s concealed carry and it’s amazing durability. It’s also good for distanced shooting and self-defence. It’s a 9 out of 10 for the simplicity and minimalism it offers.


All things said the Ruger SR9C reviews are unending. It is one of the easiest pistols to clean and operate. We found it required some extra cleaning though, but it’s not much pain. We strongly recommend this for people with stronger and stiffer hands. But not to stick-holders as this is a heavy weapon.

If you wish to grab more insights about Ruger SR9C then get back to us and don’t forget to share your personal reviews of Ruger SR9C. We are sure you’ll have better things to say!