10 Best Bighorn Gun Safe 2023 Reviews – Buyers Guide

By | February 8, 2023


Are you looking for a safe place to store your gun, away from the reach of your children or any outsiders? Let us tell you a secret; nothing can beat a gun safely in carefully storing your weapon. With advanced technology, a gun safe assures that only you can gain access to the items inside it so that you can leave your house without any worry.

A gun safe is nothing but a safe, designed way to store firearms and related equipment like ammunition, gunpowder, and many more so that persons not intended to cannot gain access to weaponry, which can kill humans and support criminal activities. Gun safe nowadays comes with extensive features and is even water and fire resistant to protect your guns worth thousands of dollars.

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Best Bighorn Gun Safe 2023

Here is the list of the best Bighorn Gun Safes 2023 picked by our team Qrossfire. The below list is picked by our team experts by keeping the quality and price meter.

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Why spend money on a gun safe?

Keeping your guns inside a gun safe will provide you a lot of advantages than storing it in an ordinary place or the corner of your room. First and the most crucial point is that it prevents unauthorized access to weapons. You might have an idea of what can happen if your gun is transferred to the wrong pair of hands. After keeping them in the safe, both you and your weapons are now safe. Next, your firearms are safe from calamities; no small force will break the solid case, saving your few thousand bucks.

Several other advantages are:

  • Theft and burglary of your guns is not something you need to worry about. As long as your weapons are in the safe, you are covered. No external force such as those applied by the burglars and the thieves will be enough to break open your safe without alerting you or your neighbors.
  • In your attempt to keep the gun out of sight, you will hide it somewhere in your house, but some safes allow them to be displayed from outside. A weapon is an intricately carved metalwork, something you can boast about. Safes are available with mirror doors that are strong enough not to let someone break-in. Your prized metalwork now is shining gloriously in front of your visitors without you having to look after its security.
  • Well, showing off might not be in your comfort zone. Nor do you want to keep the Safe in front of your little family members’ curious pairs of eyes. Gun Safe manufacturers are quite well-acquainted with that and also manufactures safes that contain false wall and hinges attached to them. Intruders will now only see a wall, unaware of the weapon that is stored behind it.
  • For any product, the utility is one of the most important things. You will never want to get stuck in a hostile situation with your gun in another room or in a place much challenging to access. You might need to store the gun under your bed, besides the bed, inside the cabinet, behind a mirror, in a vehicle, or even in some other places so that you can grab it as soon as you require. Gun safes of various safes and sizes will cater to your need. Manufacturers produce gun safes of many shapes and sizes, depending upon the customer’s favorable storage space.

In the world of guns, safes, Bighorn gun safes are one of the most well-known and extensively purchased safes. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 best Bighorn gun safes shapes and discuss their build quality and utility.

Top 10 Best Bighorn Gun Safe 2023 Reviews

Here is the list of the best bighorn gun safe detailed reviews for the year 2023-24.

#1 – Bighorn 24 CuFt Gun Safe

Bighorn 24 CuFt Gun Safe
The Bighorn 24 CuFt Gun Safe is known for its thick, durable, and a lot of organizational space to arrange your firearms and accessories. With a storage space of 24 cubic feet, this might not be the largest in the market but will surely be able to hold all your guns with proper space management unless you are a professional shooter with loads of weapons under your possession.

This Safe comes with an electronic lock for better safety and security. This Bighorn gun safe is the ultimate choice of gun enthusiasts who have a lot of guns and accessories, such as extended magazines, optics, and many more. There are a lot of cabinets on the door which also provides small but additional space for better organization inside the safe so that you don’t need to the whole save to find small items like a tactical scope or a Red Dot side.

Weighing around 685 pounds, this gun can withstand flames for a maximum of 70 minutes and keep your items safe inside it. The electronic keypad is also extra durable so that it doesn’t break down when any unauthorized person applies force.

Why is this product suggested?

This Safe is quite efficient for people who have a lot of guns with them but small storage space in their homes. Fire protection for over an hour will ensure that the items inside it are safe from potential heat damage. This Safe is also recommended for people with a tight budget.


#2 – Bighorn Expect More 47.3 CuFt

Bighorn Expect More 47.3 CuFt
The Bighorn Expect More is undoubtedly one of the largest available in the market today. With the space of 47.3 cubic feet, this Safe is enough for a gun enthusiast with a broad range of guns with him or her. Like the previous save, this one also comes electronic vision lock, which is pretty much durable enough to stop an intruder trying to break in.

To give you more storage space, the door also has pouches attached to it so that you’re not required to search throughout the safe to find a small item like an extended barrel. The corporate interior, which is pre-installed by the company, keeps them safe, warm, and dry in any climate. As an added advantage, you also get a stall holder so that even if you are not good at organizational skills, you do not spend a lot of time arranging your guns to keep them handy whenever required.

Coming to fire safety, the contents inside the safe are good to go even if there is a flame outside surrounding the safe for a maximum of 2 hours. It is a perfect buy if you have nearly half a dozen of tribals and few pistols with you about from ammunition and accessories.

Why is this product suggested?

This product a suggested for people having a considerable number of Rifles and pistols with them and want a safe, which is pretty much durable to hand over the safety of guns worth more than a couple of thousand dollars.

People who are not good at organizational skills and want everything to be handy at the instant when required are perfect target customers. For gun owners who live in humid climate conditions, this safe will help keep your guns moisture-free and, therefore, a must-buy.


#3 – Bighorn Expect More 30.94 CuFt

Bighorn Expect More 30.94 CuFt
The Bighorn Expect More 30.94 CuFt is the same as the Bighorn Expect More 47.3 CuFt, the only difference is that it is smaller than the previous one and includes a lesser number of guns than the earlier one.

From outside, both of the safes are the same, except this one has a classic Gold and handle, whereas the previous one had a silver-colored handle.  With a storage space of around 31 cubic feet, this has the same features and abilities as the previous one, like carpet interiors, 2 hours of fire withstanding capability, door organizer gun holster, and durable Hinges.

However, the safe is pretty heavy, and the color of the body or the door handle might wear off after using a specific period.

Why is this product suggested?

The Safe’s target customer is like the target customer of the previous one, with the only difference being a lesser number of possessions. It is also best to be used in in in humid climatic conditions.


#4 – Bighorn Classic

Bighorn Classic
The bighorn classic is a long, safe having a design like that of a typical safe in the 1900s. If you are someone who likes to have a collection of guns and their buying new guns almost every year, then this is a perfect fit for you and your weapons. This gun can hold a maximum of 24 inside its body and door made up of 12-gauge Steel.

It has an interior space of 19 cubic feet and is secured by an electronic lock that is durable enough not to give in to one large applied force. A unique feature of the safe is that it adjustable interiors, which means that you can easily organize the shelves and pockets inside it to give a personalized feel. The door organizer also contains a lot of pouches and crystal holders to make your task of finding your guns and accessories easier.

The chef has been tested and can stand up to 12000 degrees of heat for around 30 minutes before slowly giving away exterior conditions. Remember that 12000 is quite a high amount of heat, which means your guns are quite safe inside.

Why is this product suggested?

This product is suggested only for people having a lot of guns with the count nearing 24. Bronze color then intricately designed handle gives it an aristocratic look and is also indicated for people who want to bring a classic touch in their rooms.


#5 – Bighorn Lock Box

Bighorn Lock Box
The bighorn lockbox is a perfect buy for you if you want a mobile gun safe to store your handgun or revolver. Going around 3 pounds, this safe is quite easy to carry around and uses a key to open the lock. It has a foam interior, which means your gun is protected from scratch and has a full security cable for extended security.

It also has separate storage space for the magazine, which can be unloaded and placed in the socket for safety purposes and to prevent accidental firing. The Safe is quite durable and secure to keep your only weapon away from the eyes of the unwanted.

Why is this product suggested?

If you are an owner of a single gun, which is either a handgun or a revolver, it is better to spend your money buying a Bighorn Lock Box rather than spending on a safe. This will also help you carry your weapon as you go on a family vacation or a trip.


#6 – Bighorn Ultimate High-security Access Uab7144ex Firearm Vault

Bighorn Ultimate High-security Access Uab7144ex Firearm Vault
The sixth product analyst of the top 10 best bighorn guns apps is specifically for those who participate in professional shooting competitions and does have a lot of Rifles, handguns, and pistols under their possessions. It is quite heavy and weighs around 900 pounds.

It also has Deluxe door organizers with a specific storage place for revolvers and handguns along with cartridges and ammunitions. With the maximum storage space of 38 guns, you can be sure of fitting all your weapons inside the Safe without hesitation and has a capacity of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for 75 minutes until it gives in. It also has a patented ultimate access swing-out rack, which gives you additional space for adjusting and setting your Rifles inside the cabinet.

Security is guaranteed. It has a commercial-grade electronic locking system additional spring-loaded Re locker, which immediately locks the door if tempering is done the primary lock to prevent granting any unwanted access.

In total, you get and overall production for all your guns with the cost which might be in the higher range.
But considering the total price of all your firearms, this is worth it and should be given a try if you want to keep all your guns safe and secured and give them a long life.

Why is this product suggested?

This product is suggested for people who have a lot of guns and want to store them all in the same place. With additional security features, all your weapons are safe inside them. Water and fire protection make it almost next to impossible to damage the items inside it before the specified time limit.


#7 – Bighorn Sb3020eg Heavy Duty 6.9 Ft³ Safe

Bighorn Expect More Heavy Duty 6.9 Cu Ft Safe
This is a small SUV with advanced security and compact storage space. Colored in all black, the Safe comes with a UL-Certified electronic lock and weighs around 2220 pounds. Safety is the top priority in the safe. It has a system that automatically locks the safe temporarily if someone gives in a few wrong passwords to try their luck in opening the safe and stealing your belongings without your options.

As additional security, it uses a 12-gauge Steel body with 61-inch diameter door bolts and three-layer hard and armored plate lock protection. As per testing, the Safe can withstand a temperature of up to 1400 Fahrenheit for about an hour before it breaks down.

To keep your gun safe inside, it also has quality fabric finish adjustable shelves, which allow you to personalize the settings.

Why this product is suggested?

This suggested that people have few handguns or revolvers with them and want to keep them in a safe and secure place. This one also takes less space as compared to others and thus can be e Tod in the corner of the room or under the bed without any hassle. This is also much more affordable as compared to the rest in all lists and will not affect your savings much.


#8 – Bighorn 19ecb Gun Safe

Bighorn 19ecb Gun Safe
We know that some of you might not be troubled with burglary or tensed for issues such as fire or water protection and own a few simple guns only for entertainment and vocational practice.  This bighorn safe is just suited for you as it provides essential level protection to your firearms; however, it is built with thick 12 gauge still and has a fire withstanding capacity of temperature up to 1200 Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. It has a lock security system with spacious interiors and can hold up to a maximum of 24 guns, including both Rifles and handguns or pistols.

It also has holders for long firearms inside the safe. The E Lock Security System provides an additional security layer to the Safe having Steel finished with a Chrome layer for enhanced durability and strength. The doors can swing up to 180 degrees to provide you a lot of space so that you can organize your stuff inside it quickly and efficiently. The dimension of 15 inches in length and 29 inches in with this small can easily fit inside a corner of a room and will not raise storage concerns.

Why is this product suggested?

This product is suggested for people having a few guns and not major security issues like theft and burglary. The buyers of this safe are only concerned about the security of his or her children and family members and thus want to hide away the guns from their field of view.


#9 – Bighorn 6030elx Gun Safe

Bighorn 6030elx Gun Safe
It is designed to hold 26 rifles and many other handguns and revolvers. This gun safe is definitely for you if you have an exotic gun under your possession and want to provide the utmost security. The security features added to the Safe are drill-resistant armor, a burglar-resistant external hinge system, an internal Re locker that activates if the lock is tampered with, ten 1.25 inches diameter door bolts, and 3 millimeters composite door wall, which together provide all-round security to your prized possession.

It also has a vault-style five-spoke handle and a door that opens 180 degrees to offer us if you need to arrange your items within. The temperature with current capacity ranges up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for a maximum time of 70 minutes. To save you from potential burglary attempts, the internal lock system automatically locks the safe temporarily after three incorrect attempts.

Like many other safes in our list, this one also has an adjustable shelf system, which makes it easier to personalize you are safe according to your needs. The door organizer also comes with several pockets that allow extended storage.

 Why is this product suggested?

This product is suggested for those people who are required tensed with the security of their guns and are ready to pay a little bit of extra money for additional safety. The user-friendly locking system is also one of the significant advantages that this product has and thus gets an edge over the others.


#10 – Bighorn Uab19es 19.1 Ft³ Gun Safe

 Bighorn Safe 19.1
The Bighorn UAB19ES 19.1 FT³ GUN SAFE is similar to the Bighorn Ultimate High-Security Access UAB7144EX Firearm Vault.  Its features include: Heavy-duty bolt-down kit with Pre-drilled holes for secure anchoring, baked powder-coated black finish for durability, chrome finished 3-spoke vault-style handle.

It has a fire-resistance capacity of a maximum of 1400° F for around 30-minutes. Having a 21 extended gun capacity is ideal for someone tending to buy rifles and shotguns. As an added advantage, this safe contains a pre-drilled area for installing a dehumidifier.

Why is this product suggested?

It is ideal for someone having more rifles and shotguns than handguns or revolvers and doesn’t have an issue with space in their house. It is recommended for people in need of a safe to have a classy look from the outside.



Generally speaking, all the bighorn safes are of high quality and serve as a safe and secure gun safe. Now since you have an idea of all the best bighorn gun safes available on the market, what you need to do now is to count the number of guns you need to store; analyze whether you are saving space and decide which product to buy.

Each of the safes fits perfectly in different conditions. You need to pick the best one according to you overall. Whatever you choose from above will be the best for you according to your restricting conditions and therefore will have a perfect buy.
Happy shopping!