Top 7 Best 380 Concealed Carry Pistols reviews in 2023

By | February 8, 2023


The 380 pistols are virtually possible hidden weapons. If you may shoot accurately, and bring appropriate ammunition, the .380 Auto is greater than adequate.

Which .380 gun to get, even though? If you’ve determined to hold the quick 9mm, there is a wealth of pistols at the market. How are you alleged to parent out which can be the nice thing to hide? You begin with the confirmed performers,nice-dealers, and in any other case nice at the market. Here are 6 of simply that type of .380 pistols. I intended that a number of you’ll believe me that the nice .380 pistols for hid bring even though they belong to the smallest also are a number of the maximum mighty weapons withinside the world.

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Best 380 Concealed Carry Pistols 2023

Here is the list of the best 380 Concealed Carry Pistols 2023 picked by our team Qrossfire. The below list is picked by our team experts by keeping the quality and price meter.

This is why they may be additionally known as the “pocket rockets”.Recognized for being an appropriate weapon for IWB they may be additionally best for covert bring like within the bra or beneath the arm. But thinking about that, the nice .380 pistols will be effective, how green are they in protecting your life? In this article, I am going to inform you of ways that compact weapons can keep your life.

Benefits of Buying 380 Pistols

  1. Light Weight: Thanks to the smaller rounds and compact design, the 380 pistols are notably lighter. To provide you with a concept the Sig Sauer P238 weighs simply 430g in comparison to the 950g weight of a well-known 9mm Beretta ninety-two pistol. This mild weight makes it best for ladies to hold it in their handbag or it could also be carried in a wallet without being uncomfortable.
  1. Easily Concealed: This is what this weapon gadget is all about. People sporting 380 pistols have no problem preserving it hidden from view. Like a great protecting weapon, those pistols will unexpectedly appear to seem out of nowhere and function as a first-rate shielding tool.
  1. A lot of Pistol Options: There aren’t any shortages of alternatives whilst you are searching out the correct pistol which could hearthplace the 380 rounds. Colt Mustang, Beretta Pico, Taurus 738, Kahr P380, Walther PK380, and plenty of more, the listing of 380 is apparently endless. All of those pistols are brilliant however make sure to pick a version that suits well for your hand.
  1. Cheap Pricing: 380 pistols are less expensive than 9mm pistols. Usually priced below $400, that is a brilliant alternative for common people searching out a firearm for his or her non-public protection.

Best 380 Concealed Carry Pistols Pistol Reviews

Here is the list of the best 380 concealed carry pistols for the year 2023. Let’s take a look.

#1 Ruger LCP 380 Pistol

Ruger LCP 380 Pistol
Ruger LCP 380 PistolThe Ruger LCP 380 Pistol is the correct answer for all of your hide and bring needs. The Ruger isn’t the most effective compact and light-weight, however, it’s miles lethal as well. With extraordinarily dependable feeding, the pistol guarantees most electricity while you want it the most.

It includes a hardened metal slide in addition to a nylon grip along with seventy-five inches barrel duration even as the burden is 9.6 oz.


  • Compact and light-weight, making it clean to hide
  • Easy, snug and steady grip
  • Can be used with all sorts of holsters
  • Rugged and robust creation so it’ll stand the check of time
  • Allows you to be correct because it comes with points of interest
  • Includes a pistol garage case


  • No protection switch
  • Recoil and loading can be too difficult for women

Why it is suggested:

All in all, the Ruger LCP affords you with the correct threat-preventing electricity in a small package. With rugged and robust creation, it’s miles certain to close a protracted time. Lastly, the Ruger’s dependable and easy feeding guarantees you’re constantly secure and sound.


#2 Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380 Pistol

Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380 Pistol
Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 PistolIn case you’re searching for a less expensive choice that also consists of all of the bells and whistles, then the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard Pistol is best for you. Equipped with a Green Crimson Trace Laser, the pistol guarantees you by no means pass over an unmarried shot.

It has a barrel duration of 2.75 inches, double-motion is 12.eight oz. It includes Crimson Trace Green LaserGuard along with magazines.


  • Highly concealable and extraordinarily clean to draw
  • An ergonomic grip this is more suitable through a finger relaxation mag
  • Non-corrosive and sturdy end to growth longevity
  • Allows customers to make correct shots
  • Easier to reload because the slide lock open automatically


  • A little heavier than others
  • Mag launch is simply too clean to press

Why it is suggested:

Overall, Smith & Wesson proves to be pretty dependable because of the laser system. This makes it less complicated to shoot at objectives as it should be with minimum chance of any collateral damage. Also, it’s less complicated to load, use and cover bring, all because of its compact length and light-weight.


#3 Kimber Micro.380 Pistol

Kimber Micro.380 Pistol
Kimber Micro .380 Pistol with its mini length is the satisfactory 380 pistol for the ones who’ve smaller hands. Women, especially, can gain from this type of small and light-weight pistol. With extremely good protection functions in addition to a robust and sturdy body, the Kimber Micro is the satisfaction you could get.

It has features that include aluminum creation to feature the lighter weight, thumb protection and a mag launch, a single motion cause, and consists of metal points of interest and seventy five-inch barrel duration in addition to 13.four oz. weight.


  • Incredibly dependable and easy feeding
  • Easy and easy cause pull
  • Includes them unmarried-actioner to make sure a steady experience
  • Durable and non-corrosive stainless-steel and aluminum creation
  • Compact and clean to hold


  • Heavier than different options
  • The unmarried-motion layout takes extra time to shoot

Why it is suggested:

The Kimber Micro Pistol is your satisfactory guess whilst your existence hangs through a thread. Its dependable feeding and easy cause pull make sure you waste no 2nd in defense. Due to its small length, it’s miles extraordinarily clean to hold through oldsters of all sizes.

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#4 SIG Sauer P238 Centerfire Pistol

SIG Sauer P238 Centerfire Pistol
SIG Sauer P238 Centerfire PistolSig Sauer is one of the satisfactory pistol manufacturers with dependable and awesome weapons in its armada. So, it’s no surprise that their P238 Centerfire pistol is many of the satisfactory 380 pistols at the market. With a small and compact length, they’re pretty clean to hide and draw.

Its barrel duration is ready 2.7 inches even as the burden is 15.2 oz. It includes detachable night time points of interest. Rugged metal slides in addition to anodized-alloy beavertail body for sturdiness
Comes with a lockable metal case.


  • Sights are detachable and adjustable
  • Construction consists of rugged substances that upload to the sturdiness
  • Easy and easy cause pull because of the unmarried-motion mechanism
  • Highly concealable and extraordinarily clean to hold
  • Includes Piranha Grip that results in higher traction


  • The single motion mechanism entails extra time
  • A little heavier and a little larger than different weapons on this list

Why it is suggested:

All in all, the Sig Sauer P238 pistol is one of the satisfactory 380 pistols in phrases of sturdiness and ruggedness. Its expertly crafted substances are non-corrosive and make sure that your gun lasts a protracted time.


#5 Ruger LCP II Centerfire 380 Pistol

Ruger LCP II Centerfire 380 Pistol
Ruger LCP II Centerfire 380 PistolAnother satisfactory 380 pistols from Ruger, the LCP II isn’t the most effective clean to hide however it snug to hold as well. With a light-weight and compact layout, the LCP II can be in shape in nearly every holster you return back across.

The additional features include a hardened steel slide in addition to nylon-textured grips, single motion cause for a smoother pull. Also consists of constant points of interest. Barrel duration is 2.75 inches even as the burden is 10.four unmarried-motion there.


  • Textured grips offer a steady grip and limit recoil
  • One-piece long-lasting and non-corrosive creation
  • Quicker goal acquisition because of the front and rear points of interest
  • Easier to slip and reload the mag
  • Smooth cause pull wherein the cause breaks cleanly


  • No thumb or cause protection
  • The extensive grip the which can be extra hard to hold

Why it is suggested:

With multiple blessings over its LCP predecessor, the LCP II leaves no stone unturned in looking to offer you with the satisfactory 380 pistols. While it could lack protection functions, it nonetheless is surely filled with numerous different functions that absolutely justify shopping for it.

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#6 Walther PK380 Semiautomatic Centerfire 380 Pistol

Walther PK380 Semiautomatic Centerfire 380 Pistol
Walther PK380 Semiautomatic eight-round380 PistolIf you’re searching out an extra dependable hide bring a weapon, the Walther P380 is the manner to go. With a couple of functions which include polymer points of interest in addition to an eight-spherical mag ability, it’s miles one of the satisfactory 380 pistols at the market.

The barrel length of 3.66 inches as well as a weight of 18 ounces Includes a slim grip and various accessory rail mounts. A magazine capacity of 8–9 rounds Tenifer coated barrel and grip reduces corrosion.


  • Easy to use for everyone due to slim grip and ambidextrous lever
  • Allows you to customize and add your own accessories
  • Easier to aim due to various rear and front sights
  • A durable and non-corrosive coating
  • Includes a loaded chamber indicator which makes it easier to know when the gun is loaded


  • Can be a little temperamental if used with cheap ammo
  • Not, for pockets due to a larger size

Why it is suggested:

All in all, the Walther P380 Pistol is perfect if you need a gun with a larger magazine capacity. It is durable, non-corrosive, and easy to use for folks of all sizes.


#7 Kahr CW 380 Pistol

Kahr CW 380 Pistol
The CW380 additionally merits to belong to many of the best .380 pistols for hiding bring and that’s due to the fact for a few proper reasons. Measuring much less than five inches long and simplest weighs a piece over 10 oz minus the mag, this polymer-framed pistol has a very snug grip. Ok, properly with a mag, this could almost weigh 14 oz at maximum.

With a drift-adjustable rear sight, this lets in you to look at the front sight without problems which is likewise low-profiled. For the slide, that is constructed from 416 stainless steel with a matte finish. This pistol is brilliant at follow-up pictures at the same time as the slide additionally locks again whilst your mag was given empty.


  • Drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight
  • Black polymer frame, matte 416R stainless steel slide
  • Textured polymer grip
  • Smooth motion with less recoil


  • This gun occasionally gets “picky” with the bullets so it is going to be unlucky if you’ve discovered a few that won’t cycle properly.
  • With that, higher beware the bullets which are ideal for it and keep away from the manufacturers that it doesn’t like. You’ll feel happy you’ve got this gun when you discover the proper logo of bullets for it.

Why it is suggested:

It is a compact gun that nearly 1/2 of the load of the stated compact Glocks however similarly effective, that is the CW 380. It is also high-quality and complex with its black and gray combination, it needs to feel stable on anyone’s grip and might steady the pistol sturdily.

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Factors to consider when buying a 380 pistol

Before you purchase a 380 pistol, there are some elements that you want to take into account. When shopping for a 380 pistol, you want to take into account which functions you choose the most. Is it the sight? The accent nail? Generally, those are the functions you have to appear for:

  1. Requirement:

The first query you want to invite yourself is how you ought to use it. Be positive you realize the distinction among hid bring guns and self-protection guns. Concealed bring guns are nearly completely to be carried to your character. If you ought to preserve it across the residence or car, a number of the opposite quality weapons can also additionally fit your needs better.

  1. Size and Weight:

Since you’ll be sporting the gun around, you want to make certain that it’s far small and mild enough to be carried without difficulty. If you select a gun this is too small and mild, you would possibly have problems in gaining knowledge of the weapon. On the opposite hand, weapons that are too large and heavy can be uncomfortable and can have issues becoming interior to your jacket.

  1. Grip Size:

This in particular differs from one character to the opposite. If your fingers are too small, going with a gun with a much wider grip might not suit. In addition, it could purpose strain to your palms. A snug suit will make certain a stable and more impregnable grip.
Furthermore, it’ll make it simpler to deal with any recoil. Also, for the ones who’ve larger fingers, a number of those weapons include a finger relaxation mag that lets in an extra area to relax your fingers.

  1. Experience:

If you’re already acquainted with handguns, then deciding on a 380 one may not be too difficult for you. This is due to the fact you have already got a few concepts of which functions you want and that you don’t. On the opposite hand, if you’re a newbie who’s seeking out a 380 pistol, you would possibly have to investigate a piece extra.
You also can attempt borrowing from a chum to recognize what a particular gun feels and shoots like. Also, you may attempt to rent one.

  1. Sight

Most 380 pistols are smaller in size. As a result of the smaller barrel, they use gutter attractions. Gutter attractions handiest contain sight posts as opposed to three. The center of the slide carries a trough. Also, you’ll locate a few that provide adjustable attractions whilst others provide constant ones. I enormously propose the adjustable ones as they may be simpler to customize.

  1. Trigger

Another essential characteristic is the cause. The Cause pull, in particular, relies on the unmarried or twin movement of the pistol. A twin appearing pistol can also additionally have a harder pull because it plays features right now whilst an unmarried appearing pistol has a simpler-to-pull cause. Additionally, take into account the scale of the cause. If it’s far too large, it may not suit yarer fingers.


The 380 pistols are best suited for pocket concealed carry. They are small, compact, and lightweight making them easier to carry. You can take them anywhere you want. They feature good quality based construction that lends to the durability of the gun. Also, you can use them with all kinds of holsters and features a sight for accurate target aims.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: Why is it referred to as a .380 pistol?

Ans: The gun is known as after the .380 ACP cartridge that became evolved via way of means of Browning. This is a cartridge that has been designed to have a brief variety and occasionally prevents electricity. However, the small length of the cartridge additionally approaches that it could be fired from compact handguns. This is why the .380 is a famous weapon of desire with regards to concealed purposes.

Q: For what makes use of is a .380 pistol appropriate?

Ans: The .380 pistol is commonly designed to be a brief variety, low powered hide convey handgun. It now no longer has as much electricity as a forty-five however much less electricity additionally approaches much less cringe which permits the gun to be clean to handle. Protection gun instead of an extended variety gun.

Q: What must I use to hold my .380 pistol?

Ans: You can shape those weapons in a massive range of various spaces. Some human beings placed them in a pocket at the same time as other human beings can also additionally hold them in a purse. You also can use a holster as well. The key aspect to test is to make sure that the gun will be in shape withinside the area in which you plan on wearing it.

Q: Should I get a semi-computerized or revolver kind?

Ans: Semi-computerized weapons have a tendency to be extra famous than revolvers. They generally have a bigger magazine capacity, reload faster, and are thinner. However, a revolver is less difficult to function and a few novices can also additionally discover the revolver to be less difficult to load and function instead of a semi-auto. Thicker and more difficult to hide and you’re generally.