13 Best Biometric Gun Safes reviews 2023 – Top-Picks for the year 2023!

By | February 8, 2023


When it comes to guns in your house Gun Safety is important. The safes can help you to avoid your kids getting caught off a gun or any burglar trying to steal it. It’s not the best idea to keep your gun lying around in the house.

As guns are evolving and technology around us is changing rapidly, the gun safe market is going through a revolution. Modern gun safes come with biometric locking systems that help you get quick access to your guns and ensure that nobody gets to break into your storage unit.

This is the latest in the long list of futuristic features that you will find in gun safes now. Without much ado, let’s dive into the world of biometric gun safes and check out which products are best for your needs.

My personal favorite is BARSKA Biometric Safe it gives me a ton of space to store gun and ammunition also safe like structure makes me wanna hide it behind a wall painting just like in the movies. On the other hand, Tony from our Topgunsafes team is a big fan of a small biometric gun safe. His personal favorite is Gunvault GVB1000 and Gunvault Microvault XL MVB1000 he has attached GVB1000 under his desk with some customization. Gunvault MVB1000 is hiding on the desk perfectly.

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Best Biometric safes 2023

Here is the list of the best biometric safes 2023 picked by our team Qrossfire. The below list is picked by our team experts by keeping the quality and price meter.

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Biometric gun safes reviews – Our top picks!

Let’s take a look at the best biometric gun safes for the year 2023-24.

1. Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault

best biometric gun safe
It is always good to find a manufacturer that stands behind its products, and if you like to get lucrative product warranties, Gunvault should be your brand of choice. The new Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault is a fantastic product that comes with an audible signal and light.

Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault

It comes with an A/C adapter that lets you use it consistently without battery issues. However, it also alerts you when your battery power is low. Tony always forgets to charge his vault.  The interior of the safe is lined with foam, and you get a five-year warranty on the product as well. You can add multiple fingerprints on the database to ensure that you never lose access to your guns or provide someone with trustworthy access.

We Like

  • Low battery alarm.
  • A/C adapter.
  • Interior light.
  • Convenient mounting.
  • Multiple fingerprints.

We Don’t Like

  • Have problems reading the fingers at an angle.
  • Must be programmed with different finger angles.
  • Short battery life.


2. BARSKA biometric safe

barska biometric safe
If you want a product that boasts of long battery life, the BARSKA biometric safe should be your first choice. This safe can be programmed with up to fingerprints- you can program your fingers at multiple angles and even provide access to a family member.

The lid of this safe opens upwards because of which it is a perfect safe for keeping under desks or in vehicles. It comes with emergency backup keys and runs on four AA batteries. The manufacturer also provides a one-year warranty on the product. This fingerprint gun safe is my personal best and the battery life of this one is great.

BARSKA biometric safe Features

We Like

  • 30 fingerprint programming.
  • Extended battery life.
  • Warns when the door is not locked.

We Don’t Like

  • Not waterproof/fireproof.
  • Users have to remove the nameplate to use backup keys.
  • Door locks after a short delay.


3. Gunvault Microvault XL MVB1000

gun vault biometric
If you want to store a handgun safely, look no further than the Gunvault Microvault XL MVB1000. Just like other Gunvault products, this safe also comes with a five-year warranty. It lets you program multiple fingerprints so you can open the safe with more than one finger or provide safe access to your family members.

Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 gun safe Biometric fingerprint

It can store 120 fingerprints and comes with a four-foot security cable as well. Its interiors have a foam lining and come with a document pocket as well. You can mount this safe virtually anywhere and in every direction. It is made of 18-gauge steel and has a secure locking mechanism too.

We Like

  • Multiple fingerprint support.
  • Holds at least one handgun, ammo, and documents.
  • Easy to use and mount.
  • 18-gauge steel construction.

We Don’t Like

  • Larger size.
  • The fingerprint sensor is too sensitive.
  • No interior light.


4. Sentry Safe Biometric Safe

best fingerprint gun safe
Though the safe looks very compact, it can easily store a handgun and provide you a lightweight and small option for firearm storage. It is available in one handgun and two handgun varieties, so you can choose one that fits your needs the most.

It provides you a very quiet operation and comes with a one-year warranty as well. It features a gas strut that opens the door quickly and quietly and provides you single-handed access to your gun. It is perfect for use as a bedside gun safe and for emergencies.

It is made of solid steel and has a pry-resistant door. The manual keypad comes with an override key that provides backup entry. The gun safe is also certified by the California DOJ. You can use four alkaline AA batteries to operate the safe.

We Like

  • Programs up to four fingerprints.
  • Comes with backup keys.
  • Fast fingerprint reader.
  • Quiet and quick operation.

We Don’t Like

  • Multiple prints slow down the program.
  • No A/C adapter.
  • Short battery life.


5. LockSafe Pistol Safe

thumbprint gun safe
LockSafe Biometric Pistol SafeThis biometric pistol safe is made of 9-gauge steel which provides you a strong storage option. It comes with a 9-volt battery instead of AA batteries. You can use up to 10 fingerprints on the safe, and it comes with a LockSafe unit as well.

The safe also comes with backup keys so you can access your firearms even when there is no power. The interior of the case comes with foam lining, and the hardware is very easy to mount. It comes with a one-year warranty too.

We Like

  • Quick opening action.
  • Sensitive fingerprint scanner.
  • Multiple fingerprint programming.

We Don’t Like

  • Scanner sensitivity issues.
  • Reprogramming prints may be necessary.
  • The door could be loud.


6. Verifi Smart Safe S5000

verifi smart safe
If you are looking for a spacious gun safe that is certified for its fingerprint sensors by the FBI, then you should buy the new Verifi Smart Safe S5000. This amazing gun safe weighs 23 pounds but provides you excellent security of firearms.

You can program dozens of fingerprints on this safe and store your firearms and keep all your valuables safe. It provides you quick access and provides self-diagnostics functionality as well. The most interesting thing about the storage unit is that it consumes very low power.

It comes with a single set of four AA batteries that could last for years. All tamper alerts are timestamped and logged so you can remain informed of any instances of unauthorized access to your storage unit. It comes with several other features like an LED night light, auto-lock, and backup-key access.

We Like

  • FSD approved, FBI fingerprint sensor certified.
  • Tamper alerts.
  • Strong steel construction.
  • Wall mountable, holds 40 fingerprints.
  • Incredible battery capacity.

We Don’t Like

  • Very heavy build.
  • Very expensive.


7. First Alert 5200DF

biometric fireproof safe
Made with 18-gauge powder-coated steel, the First Alert 5200DF is the perfect safe for those who want a compact storage unit. The product is small and comes with a three-to-eight digit “no see” code that you can create for additional security.

First Alert 5200DF

It is approved by the California Department of Justice and comes in two styles and sizes. It also has a spring-loaded door which makes it a perfect option in case of emergencies.

We Like

  • Spring-loaded door.
  • Interior foam lining.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy to mount.

We Don’t Like

  • Battery drains quickly.
  • No low battery alerts.


8. Viking Security VS-25BL

best biometric gun safe 2019
If you are looking for a good biometric safe at a reasonable price, then the Viking Security VS-25BL should be your first choice. It comes with adjustable shelves and built-in LED lights. The design of the storage unit is sleek and comes with pre-drilled holes and anchor bolts. The interior is fully carpeted to ensure that your guns remain scratch-free and safe, while the door is pry-resistant.

We Like

  • Can save 32 fingerprints.
  • Two solid steel locking bars.
  • Adjustable shelf.
  • Built-in LED lights.
  • Reasonably priced.

We Don’t Like

  • Keypad not backlit.
  • Irregular response.


9. Liberty 9G HDX 150

biometric gun safe bedside
This beautiful Liberty 9G HDX 150, is a compact gun storage unit that can store up to 15 fingerprints. You can easily calibrate multiple fingers and even provide access to your family members. This safe is great for traveling and can easily fit into a drawer.

Liberty 9G HDX 150

The lightweight build is made of 14-gauge strong steel and has a tamper-resistant design too. The door has a reinforced latch system and a pry-resistant mechanism.

We Like

  • Comes with optional AC adapter.
  • Can program up to 15 fingerprints.
  • Reliable fingerprint reader.
  • Compact and easy to hide.

We Don’t Like

  • Small battery life.
  • An exposed bolt can cause gun scratching.


10. Viking Security Safe VS-20BLX Mini Biometric Safe

fingerprint gun safety
The non-volatile memory of the Viking Security Safe VS-20BLX Mini Biometric Safe unlocks quickly and easily using a PIN code or fingerprint. It comes with 2 pry-resistant insertion slots with upgraded 500 DPI Optical Sensors.

It can save up to 32 fingerprints and 1 PIN code. It also has one built-in LED light and a removable shelf that can help you organize your firearms, small electronics and other valuables with ease.

We Like

  • Saves multiple fingerprints.
  • PIN lock available.
  • Strong pry-resistant built.
  • Compact design, adjustable shelf.

We Don’t Like

  • Warranty issues.
  • Some problems with door closure.



11. CACAGOO Biometric Gun Safe

CACAGOO Biometric Gun Safe
The CACAGOO Gun Safe is a notable choice and the mechanical lock is a great deal different. This one capability is a biometric lock so that you won’t want to apply the key. The fingerprint scanner makes it clean to get the right of entry to your gun for a second. If you convey a gun to your vehicle, that is one of the high-quality automobile gun safes you can deliver with you. The biometric fingerprint scanner takes matters to a brand new stage and eliminates the trouble of sporting a key.

This secure is made to hold lots of greater items. For instance, it could maintain pistols, 2 pistol bullets, and four clips simultaneously. If you need to shield all your property at once, this secure will do the trick. This case is scratch-resistant so it’s far going to hold its lovely look for decades to come.

This unit no longer comprises a chargeable battery. Instead, it makes use of four AA batteries. This is right however it is very expensive. You’ll want to update the batteries to take gain of the entirety this transportable gun secure has to offer. On the alternative hand, you won’t fear approximately any metallic cable. Also, this one capability pre-drilled holes so that you can set up the secure quickly and conveniently.

We Like

  • Offers clean get right of entry to for your guns.
  • The simplest gun secure to apply.
  • Lock gadget works great.

We Don’t Like

  • You might also additionally want to file your fingerprint 6 times.


12. YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe

YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe
Portability appears to be what YUEMA changed into going for with its Biometric gun secure. Capable of being hooked up, this security could be very transportable and may be carried in an automobile. At the identical time, it has adequate room internal to your handgun and different valuables.

YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe

Fingerprint scanner
One of the secure’s promoting factors is the fingerprint scanner which is said to accumulate as much as 25600 fingerprint factors. While it can shop as much as 30 extraordinary fingerprints. It opens quite quickly as compared to different comparable models.

Backup keys
As with different biometric safes, you’re given the choice of the usage of a mechanical lock to open it. These backup keys are available while you are not able to get entry to the contents of your gun secure.

Solid production
One element I cherished approximately this secure is how nicely construct scratch-resistant lic production is coupled with a scratch-resistant finish. With it, you get robust security that is impervious to scratches.

The YUEMA product gives exceptional stability among portability and versatility. It may be used as an automobile gun securely and also can be hooked up onto a wall. In addition, it is able to keep something from earrings to crucial documents.

We Like

  • It is a transportable gun secure.
  • It is quite clean to put in and indoor homes with one accent bag included.
  • Comes with indoor lighting fixtures.

We Don’t Like

  • The commands may be tough to follow.
  • The lighting fixtures aren’t exceptional.


13. RPNB Handgun Safe, Smart Pistol Safe w/5-Digit PIN Keypad

RPNB Handgun Safe, Smart Pistol Safe
RPNB Handgun Safe, Smart Pistol Safe w/5-Digit PIN Keypad has a user rating of 4.5 out of 5. Indoors pulled from the Amazon Product The RPNB combines the high-energy metal and the compact length for suitability as a vehicle gun secure. It ensures the protection of your pistol in addition to different valuables inside the vehicle or at home. With this one, you’re confident of protection, durability, and simplicity of use.

Apart from being a super vehicle gun secure, this secure may be used to save different valuables consisting of money, jewelry, watches, and credit scorecards. It has a couple of functions and might paint properly at home, withinside the vehicle, or whilst traveling.

It is straightforward to apply and is derived with a programmable keypad with a ‘no see’ access code system. Additionally, it comes with guide keys for backup whilst you can not get admission to the keypad lock.
This secure is constructed for energy and durability. It is made the use of 20-gauge metal which is understood for unbeatable energy and resistance to attacks. Additionally, it is satisfactorily completed to save you corrosion and scratches with ordinary use.

The secure comes with a 1500lb rated protection cable to connect it onto everlasting gadgets consisting of a seat body withinside the vehicle. This provides directly to the safety towards robbery anyplace making a decision to apply the secure.

The internal security is designed to decorate the protection of your gun. It has a belt-up layout to preserve the gun in the vicinity and defend it even if the container drops. Also, the internal has gentle padding which prevents scratching the gun and different valuables you save.

The foam padding is available in 4 layers to offer the most safety from enough density and softness. All those capabilities make the RPNB one of the pinnacle concerns as a vehicle gun secure

We Like

  • Has an indoor light.
  • Quick and clean setup.
  • Multiple approaches to get right of entry to.

We Don’t Like

  • You get locked out for five minutes in case you make a mistakeMarfam is loud.
  • Cover springs open with force.
This is a tremendous handgun secure to preserve your firearm far from the kids. If you’re making plans to journey together along with your firearm and you’re in an area with difficult gun laws, this is probably the first-rate automobile handgun secure you may take together with you.

No one is stepping into this safety through an accident. It has a lockout characteristic that is going into impact after numerous failed tries to get right of entry to your contents. It has numerous techniques of entry, and it could be installed pretty much anywhere.


Things to consider while buying a fingerprint safe?

Things to consider while buying a fingerprint safe?Buying a fingerprint safe is not as easy as buying a mechanical lock safe. Electronic locking systems could be a blessing in disguise or the worst decision of your life, depending on which product you buy. All the products reviewed by me and Tony are safe to use and it won’t be your worst decision to buy. The most important aspect of this type of safe is accessed. Can you get quick access to your guns in times of need if you have this safe? If the answer to this question is yes, the safe is right for you.
The second thing you should consider is the size. Gun storage options are long-term investments which means that if you plan to buy more guns in the near future, a smaller safer could easily become obsolete. It would be better to buy a safe that could accommodate your needs and purchase habits. Check if you want to keep your safe at home, in a vehicle or while traveling around. This will help you in deciding the size of the safe.

Next, check how your electronic gun safe is powered. Some of them come with high-end lithium-ion batteries that could last for months on end while others need fresh batteries every few days. Ideally, the longer the battery life, the more suitable the product is. Finally, check the price of the product. You must prioritize buying the best solution within your budget. More expensive options will have more features, but you need to find a product that gets the job done for you without burning a hole in your pocket.

Let’s wrap up

Buying biometric gun safes is essential for homeowners these days as it helps in limiting access to firearms considerably. In the old days, mechanical locks were all that prevented a thief from stealing your gun. Today’s biometric gun safes do not open you use your fingerprint. You don’t have to remember a code or change it every now and then. There is no need to buy keys or constantly worry about someone crafty getting into your fingerprint safe. Investing in a quality product will help you get the bang out of your and sleep with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is a biometric safe?

A biometric safe will use a fingerprint to open your safe. This technology recognizes your unique fingerprint and opens it securely after being scanned. Safe technology can detect many different fingerprints, allowing you to choose who enters your safe.

Q- Do biometric gun safes work?

The process is very simple. A scanning device records your fingerprint or whatever feature you want to use. Then, it stores it as a code or graph in a database. Finally, it compares the recorded attribute with someone to gain access to the sensor. As there are no two people with the same fingerprints or retina, only yours will be a match.

Q- What is a biometric gun?

The device attaches to the trigger of a handgun, which can later only be unlocked by biometric authentication, preventing any unauthorized user from wielding a weapon. Drawing on breakthroughs in mobile technology, the trigger is released by the same fingerprint sensor used in Apple’s iPhone 5S.

Q- Do guns have fingerprint scanners?

Yes, Smart guns are weapons that use technology (such as the Kloepfer’s fingerprint scanner) to prevent an unauthorized user from firing. In press conferences, “personal guns” and “childproof guns” were also used to describe them. The current push technology is to put in a handgun.

Q- Are biometric gun safes safe?

Economy biometric locks are not safe or reliable, and reliability is expensive. The payback in terms of convenience is low. Getting into a biometric lock takes as long as competing types that are more reliable and more secure.

Q- How does a biometric safe work?

Biometric security, which relies on fingerprint scanners, works by identifying the pattern of lines and lines on your finger and matching the pre-scanned lines and ridges in the computer system. These specific features are programmed into a computer system and saved as an encrypted biometric key.

Q- How to choose the best biometric gun safe?

Here are the things to check before choosing any fingerprint gun safe –

  1. Memory
  2. Capacity
  3. Security
  4. Warranty
  5. Price
  6. Easy to use

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