You Will Thank Us – A proper guide of Michigan Gun Laws You Need to Know

By | December 26, 2021

Abiding with the gun laws that your state has stated has been a very crucial thing than any other thing in the state. It is because to realize and let others recognize whether you are on the ride side or the wrong side of the law when it is about purchasing and using your handguns.

As Michigan has privileges for the owners of the guns, there are also several solid rules, when it is about handguns. Let us see the laws and the regulations to see how to use it and where to use them.

To purchase a Handgun

There is a strict rule in Michigan regarding the use of gun laws, which seem like unfortunate news isn’t it. Well, it does not mean that you can never buy a gun. Apart from this, there is good news for you which says that it is not so hard to purchase a gun if you are ready to agree with some necessities.

If you want to buy a handgun from your town or from a personal seller, there are two conditions. As you can see, in both the conditions, there is an effective authorizing of your handgun when you buy it, also with the help of the list of the handgun sale when purchasing at the gun shop, or if you have a license to buy you need to use when you buy from a personal seller.

Purchasing from the shop

Here there is no documentation needed to purchase a handgun from your local town gun dealer, to purchase a handgun, you should be:

  • At least more than 21
  • A state ID
  • Need for a licensed firearm dealer and should accomplish a background check
  • Finish a gun sales list, including the trader’s FFL number.

Personal Sales

Purchasing from a personal seller has some advantages, but there are more difficulties in doing so.
To purchase a handgun from a personal seller, you need:

  • Should be 18 years old
  • Should have a license

The previous conditions could be deceptive; obtaining the License to buy is really a knuckle-biting job. You should get the License to buy from the Chief of Police of the town you stay in, or the district, this is when you are in such a place with no police department.

The time you really buy, you will be requiring writing out three copies of the license, to ensure the license contains an explanation of the handgun that is traded, signed by both the buyers and the one who sells. Every individual can have one copy of the License to purchase.

Well, the purchaser needs to have the third copy of the license, with the removed handgun that was bought, to the town police office between 30 days of the sale so they can authorize the handgun to the current owner.

This is a very important thing which you should never forget and that is License to Purchase ends in 30 days, so you have to ensure that you comply with the terms of the sale, or you might yet be working to get on a price with the one who sells when the license ends, and need to register for a fresh one again.

There is one good thing and that is, if you possess a Michigan CCW authorization, you will be able to omit all the licensing trouble when you purchase with the help of a personal sale.

It does not end here!

After all the trouble, yet you will not be allowed to purchase a handgun! Because there are several rules that stop you from having your own firearm.

You are forbidden from having a firearm if you:

  • Involved in a crime that leads you into jail for more than a year.
  • Are a refugee from justice
  • Had been involved in drugs
  • Have been declared mentally unstable, or been stayed in a mental institution
  • Are an illegal inhabitant of Unites States
  • Are a previous US citizen that has rejected his citizenship
  • Has been fired from US Army
  • Have been subjected to a restricted order
  • Were responsible for a violence of domestic misdeeds.

Good news for you

For the people who gather ancient handguns, the regulations that are on buying firearms do not implement. Supposing the gun is for demonstration reasons and not created to utilize present-day ammo or is constantly inactive, you can purchase and sell the handgun like an object you might purchase from your town market.
Certainly, you require ensuring the handgun you need to purchase really meets the standards as an “antique weapon”, or you may have to go from the standard usual handgun purchase.

What is an antique firearm?

  • A weapon which is not created (or recreated) to utilize rim fire or center fire lightning with secured ammo and was assembled that is previously made in 1899
  • A weapon using fixed ammo was assembled before 1899, and gunpowder is no longer produced in the US.

This states that any kind of firearms, like Flintlock revolver, even if that was created before 1899, or is a copy of a Flintlock created previously on 1899, might meet the standards as an antique firearm, and not need any handgun buying regulations you might generally for a kind of like a Glock or 1911.

What about the long guns?

We went through many regulations for handguns, but there is still stuff remaining regarding long guns and it is better than the previous law for a handgun.

To purchase a long gun:

  • Should be more than 18
  • Should have a State ID
  • A background check by a licensed dealer

A good thing is that there is not a requirement to have a License to Purchase as it was with handguns when trading with personal sales, you will not need to have a background check in that condition at all!
Here there are some criteria of the handguns which will also be applicable for the long guns.

Where you can take

After going through all the difficulties for purchasing a handgun, you feel like taking it everywhere to tell others that you have a handgun. To have this revolver openly with no permit is possible if you are more than 18 years old.

There is a need for CCW of Michigan that you probably need to have the power to carry concealed. There are some steps to have one handgun for you but it is a more complicated one.

Even if you do have the authorization document, you can carry concealed in your house or outside your own area, and this includes when you are not the boss of your own company, you require checking from your boss whether it is good to carry concealed in the office where you work.

Location closed Limits

You have known that you can carry concealed in your house and outside your own area but still there are places where you cannot take your firearm without CCW permission.

There are some rules where you cannot take your firearm when you:

  • Commercial Institution
  • A religious place or a Church
  • Court of law
  • School
  • Cinema hall
  • Sports stadium
  • Baby center
  • A Diner

If you require going outside a place where it is prohibited to carry a gun, the best thing is to keep your firearm inside your car and to safely hide it where you think it is safe.


If you are repositioning your handgun from one place to another:

  • Should be kept in a case where your gun is not loaded with gun
  • In a case which is not always available, but can only be used when your car does not have a trunk

Some people may think to keep the firearm in the back seat of your car and that does not mean that it’s okay to put it there for a while if you do not have a trunk locker in your car.

This is applicable for the antique firearms also, so you will have to keep the gun which is not loaded in the strong tank-like case or if you have a trunk in your car, even if these antique guns are not like an actual handgun when you purchase it.

The storehouse for long guns

Because of the conditions to keep the long guns, it gets complicated but is not too irritating when relocating it.

  • If it is ruptured
  • Kept in a closed case
  • Transported in the car’s trunk
  • Unreachable from the car

This looks like it is very troubling but it is very simple for those who are actually not ignoring these steps and conditions. You might think to put it where you think is easy and not troubling at all, but putting it in a case might save you from any hassle and will make you feel safe.

More about different types of Guns

Do you know about pellet guns? Well, actually pellet guns are like guns but are non-lethal and the bullets are not like long projectile one but more spherical in shape. Even these are called non-lethal but still come into the category of the gun and the same rules are applied to these pellet guns. It means it also needs a CCW permit while you want a carry concealed.

If you have a pellet gun and if you come to know by looking at it that it does not have a serial number on it then you need to take it to the police county so they can mark it one on it.

BB guns

Some of you might think of getting away from the laws for pellet guns by purchasing a BB gun, you should think twice! You need to be 18 years old or older than that to purchase or use the BB gun and additionally, it is only possible when you are mastered by the one who is older than 18.

When can you use your gun?

Apart from any other threat while traveling or outside, using it when you and your family are at danger when there is an invader in your house or there is prompt stealing.

Protecting your house

Michigan basically adopted a “castle doctrine” to protect yourself when you are at home.
You can use lethal force if you honestly and reasonably believe that a forthcoming death, sexual assault, or serious physical injury will take place because:

  • Breaking into your home or at your working place,
  • Abducting from your home, or a place of your work or your vehicle.

If you come you know or hear that unusual activity is going outside your house or someone has entered your house at night, you can use the lethal force to protect yourself.

Guarding yourselves

As you have known till now that you need to protect yourself and your family from the invader which enters your home. Michigan keeps up with the “Stand your Ground” program that says you can guard yourself anywhere you are, even though you are not at home.

Any other death, injury or sexual assault if you are honest and reasonably believed that you are legally allowed to retreat somewhere and need lethal force to prevent impending action.

Of course, the absence of an obligation to retreat does not mean that you must exert a lethal force. Sometimes, depending on the situation, you may have to give up yourself and those around you. Always make the best judgment when determining a fatal use.


This is something that you actually needed to know about the laws of Michigan about guns. Being safe is the first prime step when you have bought your own guns whichever may it be such as AR-15 or else.
There is no particular law regarding the storage of the firearms, yet keeping it away from your children, you must have a stronger case called cabinet specially designed to keep the guns out of the reach of children.