8 Best .22 Pistols For EDC & Survival – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide!

By | February 8, 2023


The .22 pistols are one of the most commonly used throughout the world. All the pistols and revolvers chambered in .22 or 5.6 mm have become a popular choice among new shooters, experts, and occasional shooters, mostly because of their versatile nature. It means that they can be used for a wide variety of purposes, and the uses vary from self-defense, pest control, hunting, training, to EDC (Every-Day-Carry) weapons. Whatever the reason may be, the utility of a .22 remains the same for all types of shooters.

Overall, the .22 cal. guns offer decent performance at reasonable prices that come with a simple operating procedure. Another advantage of buying a .22 is that you don’t need to look around for cartridges. One can easily find .22 cartridges all over the market. However, you need to be extra careful when you are buying ammo because, at certain times, the ammo might not be of the best quality. For example, the Rimfire ammo is prone to ignition failure and feeding failure when not operated properly. Also, if you are not careful when picking your ammo, and go with the cheapest product rather than the best one, you might not get consistent performance out of your firearm.

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Best .22 Pistols For EDC & Survival 2023

Here is the list of the best .22 Pistols For EDC & Survival 2023 picked by our team Qrossfire. The below list is picked by our team experts by keeping the quality and price meter.

Although issues might arise, still the .22 is always unbeatable in its domain. If you are careful of the fraud and beware of the bad quality products, you can always ensure reliability and get perfectly-placed shots, round after round, as many times as you want. At last, we would like to focus on the fact that the efficiency of the gun always depends on the kind of .22 handgun you are using.

What is a .22 caliber, and why do you need one?

Whenever you hear the term .22 caliber, it means that the borehole of the handgun measures 0.22 inches or 5.6mm in diameter. As simple as that. It is nothing but a type of pistol that has the dimension as stated above. A caliber of .22 inches may sound like some ordinary thing, and someone might even think that it is built just for playing games. But always remember that .22 weapons can be deadly, and you need to be extremely careful while handling one.

Due to the small size of a .22 caliber bullet, they have one of the highest muzzle exit velocity. The aforementioned fact means that they can reach immense speed when exiting the gun through the barrel. For example, a typical 40 grain .22 caliber bullet can reach a speed of up to up to 1,400 feet per second or 400 m/s. And if you are slightly into guns and ammunition, you will know that this is not less speed. Even some hypervelocity versions of .22 calibers exist in the market as well. These types of bullets are the more sophisticated 36-grain bullets, which can reach a speed of up to 1,800 feet per second. As is quite evident, the latter type of bullets costs much more than the former one and is mostly used by experienced shooters.

best .22 Pistols 2022

There are several benefits of using a .22 caliber pistol. These types of pistols are recommended because they are easier to learn than the rest of the pistols. Also, due to the ease of use and smoothness with which they operate, these handguns do not make the user flinch. They also produce less recoil and are thus a great choice for beginners. Also, they are way cheaper than most other pistols and are thus recommended for occasional shooters.

They are also one of the most famous pistols and are thus easy to find. While finding other types of calibers can be hard, a .22 caliber gun is the easiest to search in the market due to its massive popularity.

Choosing the best .22 gun can be quite confusing at times. Especially if you are a newbie in this field, scammers can easily make you fall into their trap. So, it is extremely necessary to choose the best gun that suits you the most and also comes in the price range you are in. We have come up with the recommendations of the best .22 pistols that you can buy. Without wasting any more time, let us jump straight in.

Best .22 Caliber Pistols 2023 – Detailed Review!

Here is the list of the best .22 caliber pistols for the year 2023. Let’s take a look.

#1 – Walther P22

Walther P22
The Walther P22 is the first .22 pistol in our list of the best .22 pistols available in the market that you can buy. It rolls out from the factory of Walther, which is one of the world’s most renowned gun and firearm manufacturers knew throughout the world for its quality products. The P22 is a semi-automatic .22 caliber handgun meant for both training and concealed carry and is one of the most popular pistols throughout the world. Some of the features added to the Walther P22 are that the frame is made of 3-dot polymer sight and the receiver is made from a zinc alloy, is equipped with a 4 inches barrel, and is perfect for a 10-round magazine.

It is best for target precise target shooting as well as concealed carry as it weighs only 15 ounces. As mentioned earlier, the frame of the gun is made of a polymer while the slide and frame give the gun a strong rigid feeling. The P22 pistol is also equipped with a thumb safety feature, which keeps the thumb protected from recoil. The barrel measures 3.4 inches in length and is mostly made up of steel.

The P22 also has a couple of safety features, which makes it quite safe, even for newbies. These mechanisms added to the gun, stop the gun from an accidental shooting, thereby protecting the lives and resources around, especially if it’s dropped.


  • It is easy to use and hold, mainly because of the polymer grip handle.
  • It has a 4 inches compact barrel.
  • It is equipped with two safety mechanisms for protecting against accidental shoots.
  • It is also very lightweight, suitable to be used as a concealed carry gun.


  • It may need some high-speed ammunition to deliver a good shot.


#2 – Ruger Single Six

Ruger Single Six
The Ruger Single Six is the second .22 pistol in our list of the best .22 pistols available in the market that you can buy. In short, the Ruger Single Six is packed with power and speed and is made for those who have experience in the domain of guns and ammunition. The Ruger’s Single Six will put your abilities to test. However, this gun is a single-action revolver, which means that the hammer is supposed to be cocked after firing each round.

Some other features added to the pistol are that it has a 5 inches long barrel made for target shooting, has a stainless-steel construction to prevent corrosion and tarnishing, and makes the handgun last for longer, and has better accuracy, to name a few. The Ruger Single Six revolver is one of the best handguns for precise target shooting and those activities which require precision.

The Ruger Single Six pistol comes with a 6.5-inch long barrel that makes it best for shooting and target practice. However, as a disadvantage, it is harder to hide or conceal, so you might not be able to use it for concealed carry. Overall, this is recommended for almost any type of user, experienced or newbie, who are indulged in activities that require precision.


  • It is one of the best for hunting and precise target shooting.
  • It has a 5 inches long barrel for more accurate shots.
  • It also has very good accuracy, and it lowers the speed of the bullets to maintain stability.


  • It is not the best weapon for concealed carry as it is harder to fit in pockets and purses.
  • It is a single-action pistol, which means that you need to cock the hammer each time you fire.


#3 – Browning Buck Mark Camper

Browning Buck Mark Camper
The Browning Buck Mark Camper is our pick for campers and hunters. The third .22 pistol in our list of the best .22 pistols available in the market that you can buy uses a 10-round capacity with 5.5 inches of barrel length. This property makes the gun perfect for an average hunter or a camper out there in the wild. Some of the features added to the pistol are that it has a matte blue finish makes the design stylish and ergonomically efficient is equipped with a 5 inches long barrel, can hold up to 10 rounds at a time, and has a removable magazine that is easy to clean and dust.

Overall, it is great for shooting targets accurately and is more suited for hunting activities. The barrel of the pistol is 5.5 inches long, making it perfect for the most accurate rounds. The Buck Mark Camper is also a great choice for campers or for hunters who are toiling in the wild, tackling the harsh environmental conditions. Long story short, the Buck Mark Camper is known for its accuracy. And I would suggest it best for long-range shooting and hunting. And features such as a removable magazine, which can fit up to 10 rounds in it make the Browning Buck Mark Camper the best 22 caliber pistol for campers, hunters, shooters, and outdoor usage.


  • It has a smooth trigger that makes it very easy to shoot and aim.
  • It is equipped with multiple adjustable target sights.
  • It has a 5 inches barrel made for shooting and comes with a removable magazine.


  • It is not suitable for concealed carry.


#4 – GSG 1911 Rim Fire Pistol

GSG 1911 Rim Fire Pistol
The GSG 1911 Rim Fire Pistol is the fourth .22 pistol in our list of the best .22 pistols available in the market that you can buy. The best thing about this product is that it features multiple safety features and can be used as both single and double action. The GSG 1911 is also smaller than most other models from the same company, so it’s very compact and portable and thus can be used as a concealed carry weapon. Some of the key features of the pistol are it is very compact and extremely portable and is thus best for shooting and aiming.

It is widely popular and is mostly used by law enforcement that comes equipped with mas multiple safety features. Although new to the market, the GSG 1911 is an excellent choice for starters and newbies in the field. As it is small and handy, it fits right in your waist belt. If you need a gun for accurate shooting, this one should be the pick for you. Also, it has a black anodized finish, which makes it sturdy and strong and suited for rough usage. The weight of the pistol is just 34.4 ounces, and the gun has a capacity of 10 rounds in each reload.


  • It has a black anodized finish gives it strength and durability, and provides a classic look.
  • The outside covering of the gun is made of synthetic polymers.
  • It is also quite easy to hold and aim.


  • It could be difficult to use it as a concealed carry because of its long barrel.

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#5 – Ruger SR22 .22 LR

Ruger SR22 .22 LR
Here comes the fifth 22 pistol in our list of the best .22 pistols available in the market that you can buy, named as the Ruger SR22 .22 LR. This is also the second pistol from Ruger that we have included in our list of the best .22 pistols. Some of the key features added to the gun are that it has a compact 3.5-inch barrel, comes with a strong black finish, and is best to be used as an EDC weapon. It is a single-stack magazine gun that is made for concealed carry.

As a massive advantage, the Ruger SR22 is adapted to work with most types of ammo, so you won’t have just one ammunition that you can use, and that will give you options to choose from. The material used to make the gun is mainly polymer, and it weighs only 1.09 pounds, making it extremely lightweight and easy to carry. As mentioned above, this property makes it perfect for concealed carry, and for long-range shooting that requires precision.


  • It has a compact 4-inch barrel and is best for concealed carry as well as outdoor use and target shooting that requires precision.
  • It has smoother operations than other firearms.
  • It is also very lightweight and is easy to carry.


  • The reliability is not guaranteed and comes with little to no safety mechanisms.

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#6 – Walther Colt Govt 1911

Walther Colt Govt 1911
Here comes the sixth .22 pistol in our list of the best .22 pistols available in the market that you can buy, named as the Walther Colt Govt 1911. This is also the second pistol from Walther that we have included in our list of the best .22 pistols. This colt is equipped with a barrel of about 5 inches, which is a moderate length for most Walther guns. Some of the features are that it can carry up to 12 rounds, has a matte black finish, which gives it a perfect look, and comes with a 5 inches barrel.

The barrel used in the gun makes the shooting smoother, and pulling the trigger becomes quite easy. The best part of the pistol is that there is a Picatinny rail at the bottom of the frame. This rail enables you to comfortably attach accessories like flashlights and pointers. Overall, this is a perfect .22 pistol to be used where accuracy matters the most.


  • It is one of the best pistols for shooting and target practice.
  • It uses the full power and velocity of the ammunition.
  • It has adjustable sights, gives the handgun intense accuracy, and is a great choice for indoor use.


  • It is not suited for concealed carry.
  • The matte black finish hinders the durability of the gun.


#7 – Ruger Mark IV

Ruger Mark IV
We can’t get our eyes off the company Ruger. It has been delivering quality products to shooters around the world and has made a good name in this sector. The Ruger Mark IV is yet another great product from Ruger that has been included in this list.

It is also the seventh .22 pistol in our list of the best .22 pistols available in the market that you can buy. In short, the gun is quite reliable and can be used to get accuracy. The Ruger Mark IV is the 4th iteration of the Mark series from the manufacturer and is a refurbished version of Ruger’s first handgun. Some of the key features are that it is known for reliability, accuracy, and aim the reassembly is extremely trivial and has better safety mechanisms.

The Ruger Mark IV is also one of the company’s oldest product lines and is widely popular due to its quality and efficiency. The Ruger Mark IV has a barrel length of about 4.4 inches, which makes the pistol very easy to use as concealed carry. The magazine that is equipped with the rifle is removable, and the muzzle is plain. Also, the finish added to the pistol is bi-toned and is relatively more durable.

The exterior of the Ruger Mark IV is made of polymer. Looking at the features, the Ruger Mark IV is a great choice, both for beginners as well as the experienced shooters, for whom accuracy matters the most. However, the reassembly of the pistol is quite confusing and might not be user-friendly for the newbies.


  • It is very easy to use and clean the pistol.
  • It is one of the best .22 caliber pistols to be used as a concealed carry.
  • It is shipped with a couple of 10 round magazines by the manufacturer.


  • It is suspected to have some safety mechanism faults.


#8 – Smith And Wesson Stainless Victory

Smith And Wesson Stainless Victory
The Smith and Wesson Stainless Victory is the eighth .22 pistol in our list of the best .22 pistols available in the market that you can buy. The company named as Smith and Wesson is one of the most loved and appreciated firearm brands in the markets throughout the world. It is a semi-automatic handgun with a .22 caliber that comes with multiple adjustable sights, making it easier to use and better to aim.

Some of the features added to the pistol are it is easy to clean, dust, and maintain, comes with five magazines, and the barrel can be easily removed as well as replaced. It also has one of the best rear sights. It also uses a 5.5-inch barrel suitable for over ten rounds in a row. The frame has a satin stainless-steel finish on the outside that not only adds to its beauty but also makes steel twice as hard and resistant.


  • It is equipped with a fiber optic front sight.
  • It has a satin stainless steel that is stronger than other types of steel and adds to its durability.
  • It also has a 5 inches barrel.


  • It might appear a bit too heavy for some users.



We hope that you liked our article on the best .22 pistols available in the market that you can buy to make your shooting or hunting experience smoother. But before purchasing a .22 pistol do analyze your needs, to get the features that you need, nothing more, nothing less.

Like all products, the best .22 pistols also come in the higher price change so, it is advised to buy a quality product rather than going for the cheapest one, as a quality product will perhaps last a long time without demanding a replacement. And since it is one of the most widely used types of pistols in the market, be aware of scams and frauds too.