Best Liberty Gun Safe Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

By | February 8, 2023


The manufacturer Liberty is known for its innovation and world-class technology used in their safes to give you a sense of peace as you put your guns inside the safe and lock it down. When your firearms are inside a Liberty safe, you are sure that no one except you can get access to the guns, ammunition, and accessories like long barrel or optics stored inside it.

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Best Liberty Gun Safes 2023

Here is the list of the best Liberty Gun Safes 2023 picked by our team Qrossfire. The below list is picked by our team experts by keeping the quality and price meter.

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Liberty claims itself as the topmost gun safe seller in the United States of America and has sold more than 2 million safes throughout the country. Quality is not at all compromised while making the safes, and that’s precisely the reason why the website of the Liberty safes has more than 98% customer satisfaction rating out of the total 15000 online reviews.  All the safes manufactured by Liberty are fire and water-resistant, giving you overall protection against natural or accidental calamities.

The fire rating of a safe build by Liberty ranges anywhere from half an hour for the Centurion to two and a half hours for Presidential before they give in, providing you enough time to bring help and rescue the essential items from inside it. Most of the companies producing fire-resistant safes indeed prevent the stored items from getting damaged by fire but allows smoke inside, which might cause damp on the products or create a foul smell inside the safe.

Liberty safe doesn’t; its build quality is so high that it even prevents smoke from getting in, which is an example that stands for its quality. Founded in 1988, this company has established itself in the domain of gunship manufacturing, by constantly producing high-quality and heavy-duty safes. They can be used anywhere, be it inside your house or in your office, and comes in more than 22 variants so that you can choose what suits you the best acknowledging your constraints of both budget and space.

Liberty offers you a lifetime warranty on all its products and therefore covers you in case of fire attempted break-in or structural damage saving a lot of bucks until you decide to buy a new safe.

Best Liberty Gun Safes – Detailed Reviews

Let us look at two best Liberty safes that you can buy to store your guns safely and securely.

#1 – Liberty Revolution Gun Safe

Liberty Revolution Gun Safe
This gun is recommended for people who are huge fans of rifles and shotguns and are in a possession of nearly a dozen of them. The Liberty Revolution gun safe can store a maximum of 12 guns in it and is one of the entry-level gun safes rolling out from the factory of Liberty. However, being entry-level doesn’t mean that the manufacturer has compromised with its quality to reduce the price.

This is indeed stronger and more durable than any other entry-level safe available in the market at the same price or in a slightly higher range. The Liberty Revolution gun safe is fire resistant and can withstand Flames around it for up to half an hour before eventually giving in and exposing the content inside to the heat outside.

Apart from a large socket to store your rifles and install it also has a shelf at the top so that you get adequate space to store ammunition and accessories such as optics, along with handguns and revolvers so that you don’t need to cram everything at the bottom. To protect your prized possessions, Liberty has added a carpet lining on the inner walls of the safe that will save your guns and other accessories from scratch and damage by the hard steel.

As told earlier, a Liberty safe doesn’t allow smoke to get inside and pose as a potential threat to the belongings. For this, the door seals are engineered to expand when surrounded by fire preventing heat or smoke from getting inside and keeps all your belongings safe in it. Liberty knows that your guns are worth a few thousand dollars in total along with ammunition and accessories, so doesn’t compromise with quality.

The lock is equipped with a steel plate at the back which makes it extra durable and almost next to impossible for a thief or a burglar to cause damage to it when trying to open the safe, thereby gaining access to the positions inside. As an added feature, the locking bars equipped to the safe are military-style that accounts for their durability and strength.

Even this is not the end in terms of security, it is also equipped with anti-break hinges so that it doesn’t break when an external force is applied to it. Keeping in mind easy access, the Liberty Revolution gun safe has a door that opens 180 degrees and thus providing you with space you require to arrange your belongings inside it. The dimensions of the safety measure as follows: 72 inches in length, 18.3 inches in breadth and 59.5 inches in height

What we didn’t like of the Liberty Revolution gun safe?

Because of this quite compact interior, you might not be able to store 12 guns inside it if scopes and other accessories like extended magazines or long barrels are attached to it. Also, in the beginning, the latch might appear to be too stiff to use. However, with regular usage, it will return to a normal state and will then be quite bliss to use.


#2 – 24 Gun Liberty Safe

24 Gun Liberty Safe
As the name suggests, the 24 Gun Liberty safe can hold up to two dozen guns inside it and specially developed, keeping in mind the requirements of someone who is a professional Shooter or is a gun enthusiast having a massive collection with him. The safe measures 28.5 inches in length 22 inches in width and 59.5 inches in height, and weighs around 352 pounds.

This safe is also fire resistant and can withstand up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature for approximately 30 minutes before finally breaking down. Since it holds so many guns, ammunition and accessories inside, it is quite understandable that the total worth of all the products might be more than ten thousand dollars, so it is very much essential to make the safe durable and add a lot of security features to it. This exactly is what done by Liberty to give your belongings overall protection from any unwanted person on mishappenings.

This Liberty safe is equipped with ten military-style locking bolts that make it impossible for a thief or a burglar to break it and gain access to all the items inside it. Also, to fail the idea of thieves and burglars drilling inside the safe, Liberty has added a hard steel plate so that it adds to the durability and safety of this safe. To make it easier for you to adjust the safe on the floor, it also has pre-drilled holes in it so that you can easily anchor the safe to the floor.

Like the previous safe, this one also has an added carpet lining on the walls inside the safe so that you are guns and other equipment do not get damaged when rubbed against the hard steel. A shelf is also present at the top to give you additional storage space and better organizational features. It is also equipped with anti-break Lockdown hinges and a dual-action stabilizer mechanism that makes the lock bars engaged evenly for added safety. Apart from those mentioned above other features of this include an electronic lock for better safety, a 1-inch composite fire door for protection against theft and heat, a heat expanding door seal to prevent the entry of smoke inside the safe, ten 4 inches military-style lock bars for added safety and durability.

What we didn’t like about the product?

Like the previous one, the safe will not store 24 guns if they are equipped with accessories. If you have nearly two dozen firearms, you need to remove all the accessories before storing them all inside the safe. Because it is so bulky, it might be troublesome for you to move your safe here and there. The dial is a little stiff when newly brought.



These were the two best Liberty safes recommended by us that you can consider buying if your needs, requirements, and constraints align with the features of the products. As you are purchasing a Liberty safe, you need to be assured of the quality and build as Liberty products will never let you down. Another thing to keep in mind is the lifetime warranty service which every Liberty customer can avail of, again saving you a lot of money in case anything wrong happens with your safe. Count your guns, decide the storage space, and feel free to buy a gun safe from Liberty as they don’t let their customers down.

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