10 Best Underbed Gun Safe 2023 – [Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guide]

By | February 8, 2023


While you may have never considered having a gun safe at home, it turns out to be a good investment for most gun owners. We could give you a hundred reasons why you should keep a gun safe and a few reasons why you shouldn’t.

We understand that it is merely out of a hobby or interest for a lot of gun owners, but you cannot dismiss the danger if it falls into the wrong hands, especially that of your children.

So, what is a gun safe?

In straightforward terms, if you own a firearm or even ammunition, a gun safe prevents any unauthorized person from accessing it, potential theft, or from fire.

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Best Underbed Gun Safe 2023

Here is the list of the best Underbed Gun Safe 2023 picked by our team Qrossfire. The below list is picked by our team experts by keeping the quality and price meter.

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You also have many laws in place that prevent the access of guns to children. As per the Child Access Prevention Law in the United States, it is illegal for an adult to store a gun in a manner or place that a kid can access it. The other good thing is that several US laws benefit you in tax credit if you buy a gun safe.

Now that you’ve some idea why you should get a gun safe let’s help you find the right one. There is an overwhelming number of products in the market, but we’d suggest investing in the under-bed gun safe. Why?
The simple reason is its accessibility. Say there is an attempted burglary in your home. It is unrealistic to think that you’d be prepared to run to your gun safely during the situation.

But, while you are in bed, the easiest option is to have it within your reach, i.e., under the bed. One more reason is the concealment that you own a gun at all. Let’s take a look at a few of the best-rated under-bed gun safes in 2023.

Best Underbed Gun Safes 2023 – Detailed Review!

Here are our top 12 recommendations for underbed gun safes. Check to find the one that matches your needs the most.

Let’s delve into the review of each model one by one.

#1 Hornady 98190 Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker

Hornady 98190 RAPiD Safe AR Rifle Gunlocker with RFID Touch Free Entry
If you are looking for the ultimate gun safe that can easily hold AR-15 rifles as well as shotguns in its 14-gauge steel body, check out the Hornady 98100 Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker.

It is one of the best under-bed gun safes in the market that comes with advanced RFID sensors for easy access. This ensures that you don’t get stuck during an emergency; it also comes with a backup keypad which can be configured with a four- or six-digit PIN.

The safe is both tamper-proof and cannot be opened by kids since it required an RFID signal or keycode. This way, you can keep everyone from getting unauthorized access to your guns.

The box also has two hardened lugs that hold the lock even tighter to eradicate the chances of an accidental opening. Moreover, you can adjust the racks inside the gun safe if you’d like to store any additional items. The best thing is that the safe is TSA approved, which means it could be carried for air travel with ease.

We Like

  • Strong 14-gauge steel body
  • RFID sensor lock, backup PIN entry
  • Additional security features
  • Adjustable interior racks
  • Portable

We Don’t Like

  • Short power cord
  • Noisy operation


#2 Gun Casket Fast Opening Shotgun Safe

Gun Casket Fast Opening Shotgun Safe (Electronic - Black)
There are a lot of people who prefer not to keep rifles at home but keep shotguns instead. For those people, the Gun Casket Fast Opening Shotgun Safe is an excellent choice. The safe comes with a fast-opening electronic lock that opens with a 10-digit code. You can easily configure a four to six-digit lock for the safe.

It is made of anodized aluminum, which means that it is lightweight and never rusts. The safe is 50-inches long, which gives you plenty of space to hold shotguns and a small pistol or ammo. The interior is cushioned to help reduce scratches and transport damage. The height of the safe is only 4-inches, helping you push it under beds with ease.

We Like

Anodized aluminum construction

  • Lightweight and rust-free
  • Compact design

We Don’t Like

  • Narrow design not good for shotguns with pistol grip
  • No pre-drilled holes for floor mounting


#3 MonsterVault Underbed Safe

Monster Vault Underbed Safe
The MonsterVault Underbed Safe is one of the most popular gun safe boxes you will find on the market. The 140 lbs. safe is designed to keep your guns safe, and its monster size will intimidate any intruder with ease. It is made of cold-rolled 11-gauge steel, making it a heavyweight gun safe that no thief will want to mess around with.
This safe comes with an inner fabric lining, which can easily hold both long guns and shotguns. It has ample place to store pistols and ammo or valuable items like important documents or jewellery here.

The safe opens with a combination lock and has a backup key that you could use for emergencies. The safe’s pin could be between three to eight digits long. It’s a good vault for people living on the ground floor because of the weight. Also, it is better for people with multiple firearms instead of someone with a couple of shotguns or pistols.

We Like

  • Short height but sturdy construction
  • Spacious, fabric-lined interior
  • Backup mechanical key
  • Stores multiple firearms, ammo, and valuables

We Don’t Like

  • Very heavy
  • Isn’t waterproof or fireproof


#4 American Security Defense Vault

American Security Defense Vault
If you have a smaller under-bed space but want to buy a gun safe nonetheless, you should opt for the American Security Defense Vault. The height of this box is just 3 3/8-inches which makes it perfect for smaller apartments or low-height beds.

It is made of 14-gauge steel, which makes it safe from prying, picking, and drilling. Additionally, it comes with an AMSEC ESL5 electronic lock with a six-digit backlit combination code pad.

The beeping function of the keypad can be turned off. It is one of the more expensive gun safes around that can easily store your firearms as well as ammo and valuables. The safe has a fabric-lined interior and comes with pre-drilled holes as well.

We Like

  • High-quality constriction with 14-gauge steel
  • Short height, perfect for any bedroom
  • Backlit keypad
  • Electronic locking system

We Don’t Like

  • Expensive


#5 SecureIt Tactical FB-40-01 Fast Box Vehicle Gun Safe

SecureIt Tactical FB-40-01 Fast Box Vehicle Gun Safe
If easy access is one of your biggest buying points, depending on the SecureIt Tactical FB-40-01 Fast Box Vehicle Gun Safe. It comes with a simpler design and can easily hold one long rifle. It also comes with straps so you can carry and store it safely. It comes with interior padding and a depth of 13-inches so that you can store your guns with mags and scopes attached.

The safe can easily be bolted to the floor under your bed. You can also mount it in your boat, RV, or your SUV with ease. For all it does, the safe is surprisingly lightweight at 45 lbs. It comes with a three-point electronic locking system that can be accessed via a keypad. The door comes with a piano hinge for better safety and durability.

We Like

  • Great for under bed storage and travel
  • 13” deep, easy to store guns with scope and mags
  • Lightweight
  • Electronic locking system

We Don’t Like

  • Can only store one rifle comfortably


#6 Stealth Defense Vault DV652

 Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe
If you have one long gun and a couple of handguns, then you need nothing more than the Stealth Defense Vault DV652. The 14-gauge steel construction of this vault makes it ideal for storing your guns safely.

It also comes with five-point locking bars and an electronic combination lock that lets you feed your pin quickly and easily. The safe comes with a car, which makes it easier to see the lock in darkness.

The safe is 74 lbs., which is slightly heavy for someone living on an apartment building’s upper floors. However, it also becomes difficult for a thief to casually remove it from under your bed and run away with it. The safe has pre-drilled holes and comes with mounting hardware too.

We Like

  • Small and spacious design
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware
  • Opens and closes quickly and easily

We Don’t Like

  • No backup entry system
  • Comes with a manual try
  • Heavy for its size


#7 SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 75400

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 75400
The 24-inches deep SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 75400 can easily store two long guns and two handguns along with some personal belongings. There could even be some space for bullets in the case. The 14-gauge steel construction of the safe comes with a fabric-lined interior.

It comes with an electronic lock that can be configured with a three to eight-digit code. It also has a backup key and pries resistant door. The safe has pre-drilled holes for easy and secure mounting under the bed. It also comes with a 3’ thick cable that could provide an extra layer of security for the users.

We Like

  • 14-gauge heavy duty construction
  • Large storage space

We Don’t Like

  • The keypad makes an audible sound, not good for stealth
  • Some users complain about faulty lock mechanism


#8 Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault

Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault
If you want safe storage space for your pistol and clip, then opt for the Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault. Made of 14-gauge hardened steel, it helps in keeping your firearms secure at all times. The quality combination lock ensures that no one gets unauthorized access to your belongings. If your handgun is up to 10-inches long, it will easily fit into this safe.

You also get a separate ammo box so you can store your belongings in a more organized way. The holster pops out immediately on opening the box, and you can get access to your handgun within seconds.

The design of the box ensures that your finger always remains off the trigger while removing the gun from the holster. The safe comes with mounting hardware and fits under most beds.

We Like

  • 14-gauge steel construction
  • Quick access, clever design
  • Portable and battery-less operation
  • Comes with mounting hardware

We Don’t Like

  • Expensive buy
  • Ammo box sold separately


#9 Artemis Biometric Handgun Safe

 Artemis Biometric Gun Safe/Handgun Safe
If you don’t mind a single capacity gun storage option, then choose the Artemis Biometric Handgun Safe. It comes with a biometric secure access feature that lets you avoid unauthorized access to your gun. Instead of steel or anodized aluminium, this safe is made of weapons-grade polycarbonate plastic which makes it lightweight, secure as well as durable.

The biometric lock can allow up to 200 users- which means you can provide access to your family members as well. It is a portable gun safe, but you can easily secure it in place using a steel tethering cable and comes with a tamper alarm. The gun safe comes with a 1-year warranty.

We Like

  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Tamper alarm
  • Biometric locking system
  • Interior foam lining
  • Steel tethering cable

We Don’t Like

  • Needs batteries
  • Single capacity


#10 BARSKA Biometric Safe

BARSKA Biometric Safe
If you want a safe that gives you stealth capacity and quick access to your firearms, look no further than the BARSKA Biometric Safe. Made of 14-gauge steel, it is a strong and sturdy safe that comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware. It can be kept almost anywhere in your house, from a tabletop to under the bed and it can easily fit 2 to 3 handguns. The motorized, biometric lock provides you quick access to your gun without any sound. It can store up to 30 prints, so you can configure multiple fingers and even give access to other family members.

It also comes with a backup key that helps you get access to your firearms in case the biometric lock malfunctions. First, you need a key to remove the logo plate and a second key to open the lock. This could make you lose time in an emergency situation but is a great security measure since it avoids thieves from getting unauthorized access to your firearms.

We Like

  • Excellent 14-gauge construction
  • No-noise, quick biometric unlocking
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware

Two key backup access system

We Don’t Like

  • Bulky design
  • May not fit under every bed


#11 Safety and Security King BedBunker

Safety and Security King BedBunker
If you own a massive range of guns and valuables, this security could be your excellent choice. The mattress bunker has a ten-gauge metal frame with quarter-inch doorways and it absolutely replaces your cutting-edge field spring.

This secure bunker has exclusive booths and 4 locks ( key-primarily based totally locks each). You also can opt-in for an optionally available middle phase secure. Also has a rifle potential of 32 single-stack or sixty-four double-stack with covered oak racks the usage of socks to defend rifles.

These mattress bunkers are proof against fire for up to 2 hours with the purpose to defend your valuables and buy you a while to call for help. This bunker is 100% made within the USA. And the business enterprise gives an entire life assurance on it.

We Like

  • Stays Concealed
  • Full Lifetime Guarantee
  • Two Hours Fire Resistant
  • Foam Lined at the Interior
  • Humongous Storage Capacity
  • Store Every Valuable at One Place

We Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Very Big and Bulky
  • Not for the Average Joe
The mattress bunker from SAS is long-lasting and big beneath the mattress gun bunker which permits you to save all of your guns and valuables in one place. Due to its position, this security is nearly unnoticeable to anybody, besides the user.

The bunker costs a huge amount and is supposed for human beings with particular and high-protection concerns. Nevertheless, you may purchase it if you want it. But make certain to keep in mind the load and length while you purchase it because it weighs around 1400 pounds.


#12 AmazonBasics Quick-Access Firearm Safety Device

AmazonBasics Quick-Access Firearm Safety Device
AmazonBasics Quick-Access Firearm Safety Device has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

This brief gets admission to a handgun secure with fingerprint lock is available in styles: one pistol and pistols. This secure is top-notch for storing documents, valuables, and your firearm. It is crafted from strong metallic and has a pry-resistant door that mechanically opens the usage of a single-exceeded entry.

The fingerprint sensor reads in much less than 1 second. The outdoors dimensions for the only pistol secure are 12.4″L x 9.6″W 3.4″H, and the indoors measurements are 9.3″L x 6.2″w x 2.7″H. The pistol secure outdoors dimensions are: 14.8″L x 11″W x 3.7″H and the indoors dimensions are 11.6″L x 7.6″W x 3.1″H.

We Like

  • Clear and clean instructions
  • Mute alternative
  • Tons of fingerprint positions
  • Heavy duty

We Don’t Like

  • The mechanical latch is a bit loud
  • No integrated indoors light
  • The fingerprint sensor is small
According to the transportable handgun secure reviews, this bunker is one of the great you should buy for the price. It has brief admission to, it’s constructed from long-lasting materials, and it may without problems be established to different surfaces.

You can mute the sound for closing discreetly and get admission to, and it’s going to hold the children far from your firearm. It is a top-notch alternative if you’re seeking out a manner to steady your own circle of relatives and your home.


Things to Consider While Buying an Underbed Gun Safe

You cannot but agree that we need to keep a few things in mind when buying an under-bed gun safe. While you may know a few already, we’ll help you with the others.

  • Locking system

Locking systemYou should always buy an underbed gun safe that comes with an easy-to-access locking system. With this kind of safes, you don’t want to keep trying to open the lock with a mechanical key. Instead, you should get ones with electronic or biometric locks. Unless you are storing multiple guns and valuables in a huge single vault, you don’t need to bother with mechanical locks. However, a backup key would be a great option. In most cases, quicker and quieter response time should get preference over other alternatives.

  • Design

good design for safesIt’s not always that we look for a good design for safes, especially when they are to be kept under the bed, concealed. So, rather than just considering the overall outlook of the safe, it is vital that you look for a more effective safe.

  • Construction material

Construction material
The common material used in safes is steel with a heavy gauge construction. However, steel safes could be bulkier. If you ever feel confused about which material to buy, choose steel safe. It is a sturdy, resilient and tough option.

This primary reason to choose steel is that it is a non-combustible material and can hold extreme strength. Not only will it keep your gun safe and other additional items safe from potential theft and burglary, but it will also safeguard it during hurricanes, earthquakes, and other such extreme events.

Both the wall as well as the safe door should be of steel, precisely 12-gauge steel. Steel use also ensures that the outer body is welded well at the joints and adjustments, which guarantees greater protection.

  • Size and capacity

Size and capacityThe next most important thing to consider is the size and capacity of your gun safe. Not all beds are created equal. Therefore, you will need a safe that opens and close smoothly under your bed. The variety of safe heights is not too great, to begin with. Hence, you will have to be extra specific while buying a safe.

The second important factor to consider alongside size is the capacity of the safe. While some safes can easily hold 2-4 guns with ammo and valuables, others barely fit in a long rifle or a shotgun. The capacity of your gun lock depends on the type of firearms you use and your chances of buying new firearms and storing it in the same space.

  • Weight

WeightThe weight of your gun safe must be considered while making a buying decision. If your bedroom is on the ground floor, you can easily find a heavier safe that can be drilled under your bed for extra security. However, if you are living on the upper floors, you may want a lighter safe. If you live in apartments, you may not be able to drill holes and hence need a tethering cable or a safe that can be easily kept in other spaces like tabletops, drawers and bedside drawers. But, if you only look at the security purpose of the safe, the heavier the safe, the better.

  • Fire and Burglary Protection

Fire and Burglary ProtectionIf you thought children were the only reason to get a gun safe, then no, that’s not it. Some states like California have made it mandatory to own a gun safe and set standards for it.

The safes must have RSC or UL Residential Security Container Rating, which is essential to protect the safe from extreme attacks or mishaps. An excellent safe must be able to survive fire for at least an hour.

  • Warranty

WarrantyBuying an under-bed gun safe can be pretty expensive if you do not compromise on the quality. It is for the same reason that you need to look for a warranty for the gun safe.

In case you face any issues with the safe, you can get it replaced or return it to the manufacturer, which will otherwise not be possible.

  • Price

PriceThe last factor to consider is the price. Most people keep underbed guns safe for getting quick access to their firearms if they suspect a burglary or theft attempt. The factors given above could easily change the price of your gun safe by a few hundred dollars. For instance, a lighter gun safe with biometric access could be costlier than a heavy steel one with a mechanical lock.

You must first define if you really need an under bed storage option. If you can find another type of gun safe that can be accessed just as quickly and easily, you don’t need specialized safety boxes. If you already have other gun safes around the house and want to keep one in the bedroom just for emergency purposes, find something that can be unlocked easily and stores a couple of guns at most.


Buying an underbed gun safe is like buying insurance- it helps you sleep peacefully at night, knowing that there is nothing that could possibly hurt your family or your personal belongings. An under bed gun safe should be sleek, easy to operate and equally robustly designed. If the quality gun safe is what you are looking for, then, check out one of our recommendations listed above.