7 Best AR 15 Sling Reviews – DO NOT BUY before reading this!

By | February 8, 2023

If you have an AR-15, an essential rifle accessory should all have a good rifle sling. If you are moving at all, you will need a sling to carry your rifle easily.


A gun sling is often associated with the aesthetics and comfort of carrying a gun. A good gun sling can also act as a life-saving tool in extreme situations.

The market is saturated with a wide variety of options: single-point sling, two-point sling and three-point sling.

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Best AR 15 Slings 2023

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The best AR15 sling will be the one that is the most useful and most intuitive to use. It will feel like an extension of the gun and shooter. It will simultaneously feel as if it does not exist, as its lack of presence is the defining factor for a quality sling: one feels like it is barely there.

Opinions about using the sling are quite diverse among shooters, but having the sling definitely helps. Here, we are talking about some good reasons you want to get a sling for your rifle. We will also talk and review some of the best AR-15 slings available on the market to help you make purchasing decisions.

Advantages of using a AR 15 Specific Sling

The AR 15 specific sling would have advantages for the AR-15 platform in that it would incorporate key features of the gun, such as lightweight and modular build types in the sling’s design.

In addition, it would be easy for a shooter to adjust the length and common deployment techniques and needs with a specific sling built for the AR15.

When you wear a rifle strap on your major side, the rifle will stay in front of your chest or on your back, so it will be very easy and straight to switch between your primary weapon and your side. The rifle will not interfere with your draw.

1. Easy carry

Another advantage of using a rifle sling is that you do not have to hold it in your hand at all times. Holding your rifle in your arms for long periods of time can be tiring and may cause you to lose accuracy due to your stiff muscles.

A rifle strap will allow you to hold the rifle without holding it. Single point rifle straps are great for this task, but they are not suited for running, especially if you are walking on uneven terrain. If you are running while wearing a single point sling, a rifle will waver, so you have to keep it on hand the whole time. You can also use cuffs on your belt to hold the rifle steady.

The double point rifle strap will allow you to carry the rifle over long distances without interrupting your walking or running. You can use a sling to carry a rifle on your chest or on your back. If you really need to cover the distance fast, it is better to tie the rifle on your back.

2. Shooting Stance

Rifle shells can also help you catch some shooting stakes. The sling can be used to take the load to your arms and hands and distribute it to your back. This will allow you to have a long stance without getting tired.

3. Emergency Situation Tool

Rifle slings are made out of very durable materials. Most of them are made out of high-quality nylon, while some are even made out of paracord. These materials can be very helpful in a survival situation when you can use them to make traps, snares, or to build your shelter.

7 Best AR 15 Sling – Detailed Reviews!

Let’s take a look at the best AR15 Sling reviews for the year 2019-20.

#1 – STI 2 Point Rifle Sling

STI 2 Point Rifle Sling Review
This is one of the best-rated slings available on the market. This best AR sling is made out of heavy-duty premium tubular nylon webbing which is not only chafe-resistant but also very resistant to pulls and tears.

This sling is also quickly adjustable in length without having to disconnect it from your rifle. Its 1.25 inches wide and works with all 1.25-inch sling hardware. This sling adjusts from 30 to 50 inches.


  • Affordable for most budgets
  • Heavy stitching
  • Comfortable to wear for long-time use
  • Quick-adjust


  • May tangle at times
  • Not for big guys
  • No padding

The STI Rifle Sling is simple, adjustable, and can fit almost any shooter size.

The sling has a good price-point and is good enough to be used for hunting, competitions, and even practice

The STI Two-Point Rifle Sling features premium nylon tube-woven webbing with heavy stitching which makes the sling durable and sturdy enough to resist recoil and weight impacts.

The webbing of the STI 2 Point Rifle Sling is top-notch and the hardware is pretty good too.


#2 – Blue Force Gear Vickers 2-Point Padded Combat Sling

Blue Force Gear Vickers 2-Point Padded Combat Sling Review
The next AR15 Sling on our list is the Padded Vickers Combat Applications Sling by Blue Force Gear, which comes with nylon webbing.

Most shooters who know Vickers tactical know the quality of the products they offer and the functionality that is inherent in the designs.

The two-point sling is constructed from nylon and features generous padding for incredible comfort when carrying a heavier rifle. The construction is durable, and the design is highly adjustable.


  • Comfortable to carry
  • Patent-pending quick-adjust design
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Rifle stays very securely in place
  • Proven brand


  • May be too long for shorter people
  • A bit pricey
  • Expensive

It’s expensive but asks anyone who has used one and you will get rave reviews.

This sling is made out of high-quality components and it’s designed to last. You will be able to use it for a long time.

The sling has a padded rear section which makes carrying your rifle very comfortable at all times.


#3 – BluCollarTactical 2 Point Rifle Sling Patriot Model

BluCollarTactical 2 Point Rifle Sling Patriot Model Review
The BluCollarTactical Two Point Patriot sling is a great simple 2 point rifle sling. We’ve created a simple two-point rifle sling that will last a lifetime by using top quality parts. We’ve made it from the best material and components.

It is just a sling, for carrying a gun and tightening your shot.


  • Highly adjustable, no matter what your size
  • Soft and durable
  • Simple, effective design
  • All components and packaging sourced and made in the USA


  • Not super-fast in terms of adjustability
  • A little less adjustability and not as versatile as others on the list

It is made from 1.25-inch flat-tube webbing that is highly durable and of high quality.

The quality is obvious for the low price point and the BluCollarTactical is a very nice sling for the money.

The sling is made in the USA.


#4 – Accmor 2 Point Rifle Sling

Accmor 2 Point Rifle Sling Review
Accmor 2 Point Sling with the smooth edge is made of high-density nylon, which is extremely lightweight, durable, comfortable and simple.

Accmor has made a quickly adjustable and lightweight two-point sling. Metal clips at the endpoints are compatible with a variety of sling attachment points, but you are limited to points that allow you to clip in, meaning you won’t be able to use this with QD hardware.


  • Well-priced for what it offers
  • Works like a sling three times the price
  • Affordable


  • Clip system limits compatibility
  • Simple and Spartan materials
  • Not a dedicated rifle sling

All-in-all, a well-priced sling that doubles for other outdoor uses.

With its high-density nylon material, the sling offers a really strong product and durable product with a really long lifetime.

For the money, you will never find a better value than the Accmor 2 Point Rifle Sling.


#5 – S2Delta USA Made 2 Point Rifle Sling

S2Delta USA Made 2 Point Rifle Sling Review
This best AR sling benefits from end weapon interfaces that reduce to 1-inch in thickness. Thanks to this you get minimal interface when your hands are close to the weapon.

A good size, 2-inch wide shoulder strap helps spread the load for comfort. This is effective because it does not add any weight or bulk of padding.

It allows for quick, one-handed adjustment as well as an additional overall length adjustment.


  • Good quality material
  • Made in the USA
  • Purchase of additional connectors allows multiple gun use
  • The modular attachment system is versatile


  • No padding
  • Potential limits to how short the sling is taken
  • A bit pricey

Designed and assembled in the USA with entirely USA-made components. S2Delta’s slings are made with the highest quality components available.

S2Delta’s two-point modular sling is designed with adjustable 2” Mil-Spec webbing to comfortably support the rifle’s weight when slung across the body.

It also offers convertible options for those who want quick transitions and top quality and durability in the workmanship.


# 6 – Viking Tactics VTAC Wide Padded Sling

Viking Tactics VTAC Wide Padded Sling Review
The Viking Tactics V-TAC Padded Sling is designed to give you all the versatility of a 2-point sling, with more comfort than the original V-TAC sling.

The 2-point design is the same as the original V-TAC sling. However, the strap is wide and padded. This is ideal for carrying your rifle without a vest or plate carrier. It’s also more comfortable for those who have heavier rifles, with optics and attachments.


  • Very popular two-point sling
  • Great padding
  • Works as it comes
  • Ease of adjustment and mounting
  • Durable metal
  • Rubber pull tab


  • Prone to snags
  • Built for the big guys!
  • No included mounting hardware
  • May be too long for shorter people
  • Pricey

The Viking Tactics Padded Sling is designed with an inch of nylon on the attachment end. It is also engineered with two inches of tubular nylon in the center.

Additionally, it is designed with a plastic tri-glides and a metal slider. The shoulder strap has been created with closed-cell foam for better comfort and convenience of the user.

This is one of the best 2-point slings for tactical shooters who run a bit more gear on their rifle and those who use minimal chest rigs without a lot of shoulder padding.


#7 – DDT HellFighter Bungee Sling

DDT HellFighter Bungee Sling Reviews
DDT HellFighter is an adjustable dual point bungee sling that will allow you to comfortably use your rifle.

DDT HellFighter Bungee Sling is super convertible and offers quick adjustment without too much extra needed from out of the package.


  • Adjustable to fit almost everyone
  • Made in the USA
  • Nice details


  • A bit pricey, not as bombproof as some others listed

DDT is a veteran-owned and operated company that stands behind all our products with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Very nice detailing and a well-made sling that offers valid variability and adjustment for the price point.

The hardware is great for those who want real-time changes and is easy to use for tactical scenarios.


#8 – Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat

Blue Force Gear Vickers CombatBlue Force Gear Vickers Combat has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. The period is likewise extra manageable…no duct tape wished however you won’t be capable of placing it on very lengthy shotguns (or if you’re large and/or sporting a number of gear).

The padding is likewise a touch thicker than the VTAC. But the nylon of the sling itself feels stiffer and is actually thicker. And given the selection among padded and now no longer padded versions…actually, go together with padded. The single-factor sling is a favourite for a number of gun enthusiasts.

The sling wraps across the user’s frame at the same time as the factor attaches to the rear of the weapon.


  • Nylon
  • Made withinside the USA or Imported
  • 1.25-inch webbing on each end secured with covered triglides
  • ADJUSTABLE: Maximum Sling Length – fifty-four inches with the Adjuster tightened / sixty-four inches completely extended
  • The overall period is adjustable to deal with special sized weapons
  • Glass strengthened DuPont Zytel Nylon Hardware is lighter, more potent and extra bendy than plastic hardware
  • Invista answer dyed CORDURA webbing


  • Despite the benefit and smooth accessibility that incorporates single-factor slings, they aren’t without their drawbacks.
  • For starters, single-factor slings offer little taking pictures support…your purpose with a single-factor sling won’t be plenty higher than it might be without a sling at all.
  • Another con of the single-factor sling is your gun will sway plenty whilst you’re now no longer retaining it.

For a few people, shifting hands-unfastened with a single-factor sling may be specifically demanding due to the fact they continuously get knocked withinside the groin or knees with their gun.


Key Considerations for Choosing AR Slings

1. Material

Gun slings are typically made from one of two options: leather or nylon.

There is no clear-cut answer when it comes to which sling material is better.

Some people believe that nylon slings are better because they’re not as heavy, while others prefer leather because they feel it gives a slightly elastic feel that nylon doesn’t.

Some special slings can be made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen, although they are usually made for decorative reasons. Additionally, you can find exotic leathers that will create very cool and luxurious slings, but they are less practical, especially when it comes to tactical or competition usage.

2. Padding/Comfort

Padding refers to the fluffiness of the sling. Some slings are simple leather or nylon straps, whereas other slings have been ergonomically padded with lumps of cotton or polymer to offer better comfort. Carrying an eight-pound rifle through the forest is a tedious task, especially in summers. If you are worried about getting a bruised shoulder, you might want to buy a padded sling.

Another important factor you should consider is comfort. Some slings are padded, while others are thin nylon throughout. An unpadded sling likely won’t be a problem for you if you have a normal rifle configuration, but once you start adding heavy optics, tactical flashlights, or bipods, weight can become an issue. Weight can add up quickly, and fatigue affects your shooting. If your rifle is heavier, you should consider using a sling with padding.

Take a close look at how this padding is built into the sling. If it’s done cheaply, you may have issues if the padding ever gets wet. A padded sling should resist moisture to ensure years of use.

A good sling will last a lifetime, so spending a few extra dollars on a better product is often worth the investment.

3. Length

Most slings these days offer adjustable straps. However, you should always check and find a length you are comfortable with. Taller people tend to like longer slings, so make sure your sling can extend up to your desired length.

Moreover, the length is always helpful in transitioning so the sling doesn’t hook up with your neck or underarm causing problems. Always go for a longer sling if you can’t decide because it will have a larger adjustable length.

4. Sling Mounts/Sling Attachment Points

Slings are an important accessory for your AR-15 and to use one with your rifle, you need a sling mount. A sling mount must be chosen wisely so your slings remain intact and your rifle doesn’t wobble and swing unnecessarily.

As the name suggests, a sling mount is a point for attaching the sling to the rifle. Sling mounts come in a ton of different designs to assist you with the comfort and aesthetics of your AR-15. A sling mount provides you with quite a few options to attach your slings. Some probable points where you can mount a sling are:

Increasing or decreasing the number of sling mounts will also allow you to use your rifle in two-point or three-point sling modes and vice versa. Old-fashioned AR-15 handguards might require some gunsmithing or extra adapters, but with a ton of aftermarket accessories on the market, you’ll find a solution for sure.

It is not uncommon for a hunter or tactical shooter to have multiple sets of add-on quick detachable sling mount hardware. It is not uncommon for a shooter to have the preferred style of sling hardware. It has become a niche market in customization, in and of itself.

This can be one of the most important parts of the entire sling selection process and finding the proper placement and type of sling mounting hardware will be a focal point if you want to be manufactured to the best capacity.

How to Wear AR 15 Sling?

How your sling is worn will be determined by a few factors, the most important being the sling and style of personal choice.

Single Point Sling

This type of sling connects to your rifle at a single point. You can wear the sling over one shoulder, but it’s recommended that you wear it diagonally across the chest, so the weight of your rifle will be distributed over a larger surface so its weight won’t cause you any discomforts.

One of the advantages of using a single-point sling is that your rifle will stay in a “ready” position, so you will be able to pick it up in your hands and adopt a shooting stance in a very short time.

One of the disadvantages of using a single-point sling is that the rifle can wobble while you’re walking. If you wear the sling across your chest, the rifle can stay right in front of you within easy reaching distance, but it can also wobble and hit you constantly in the chest or belly. If you wear the sling across one shoulder, the rifle can reach down to your knees and interfere with your walking.

Two Point Sling

Two Point Sling

The two-point sling is a more popular design and is used by more manufacturers, so you will be able to find more models with this design. The two-point sling adds two different points for your rifle, and you can wear it on the shoulder or on your chest, depending on your preferred shooting position.

One of the benefits of using a two-point sling is that it can actively stabilize your rifle while you are shooting. The tactical sling can be adjusted easily, and when you aim you can tighten them around your body, making your rifle more stable in the process. This technique is particularly useful if you have to sit for long periods or hold a prone shooting stance and use the sling as a shooting brace.

Another advantage of using this type of slings is that it’s usually longer than a single-point sling and it will fit larger and taller people. If you wear the sling on your non-dominant hand shoulder, you will always carry it in a “low-ready” position, making the transition between carrying the rifle and aiming with it in just an instant.

Convertible Sling

Convertible Sling

Convertible slings allow both sides to make the transition for the shooter by simply attaching them to a quick detachable buckle or connection point. If you can also consider a time when you may need both, it is always best to get a convertible sling. When you can have both for low to medium price increases, don’t forget to debate the merits of each style.

Bottom Line

We are certain that after reading this article you can accept the many benefits of using a rifle sling. If you know how to use it properly, a sling for your AR15 will be too much to carry from one strap to another.

Using a rifle sling allows you to switch between your primary weapon and your sidearm but at any time your main weapon is down. And more, it will allow you to use all of your gear with both hands and it will also allow you to use both hands to perform different tasks while keeping the rifle close to reaching quickly when necessary.

If you use the best AR15 slings at your maximum capacity, you will be able to hold that same shooting stance for hours without exhausting your eyes away from your target and berating your arms and hands.

Not only will the sling allow you to carry and point your rifle for a long time without getting tired, but you can also use it to increase your accuracy. If you use a rifle sling while aiming at a prone shooting stance, you will be able to distribute a large portion of the rifle’s weight to your back, and thus turn the sling into a bipolar form. This technique will hold your rifle steady while shooting, take part in the reconnaissance and spread it over the straps on your back.

Whether it is a gorgeous classic leather sling or the latest tactical type for AR15 rifles is the best sling you should have. There is not a singular type that you should buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- You can easily put the sling on the AR 15 pistol?

Ans – Yes, why not, you simply set the sling on the pistol so it does not change classification & its angled foregrip is always authorized.

Q- What is a single point AR 15 sling?

Ans – It creates a loop that goes over the top with a strap side on its powerful side shoulder that running in diagonally across the body.

Q- Which are the top hunting rifle slings?

Ans –

  • Butler creek comfort stretch
  • Allen Rifle sling
  • Ten-point Gear Gun sling
  • Allen Company Hypa-Lite Bruiser sling
  • Accmor 2 point Rifle sling

Q- What are the uses of the AR 15 sling?

Ans – A sling is a great device which beneficial for providing supports and helps to the injured part of the body. It basically used for multiple injuries. They are mostly used when you are fractured or dislocated arm or shoulder.

Q- What is the washing instruction of AR 15 slings?

Ans – If you want to clean your sling then always remember you wash with cold water and light detergent that’s why they don’t affect on your AR 15 slings.

Q- Which Sling do navy seals use?

Ans – Hybrid Instant Transition Sling Navy Seals use and it is designed by navy seals also it is fielded during multiple deployments.