Best Steelwater Gun Safe 2023 Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide

By | February 8, 2023


Steelwater is one of the very few companies in the market which provides high-quality safes at low cost. The owner of the company is an experienced person in this field and has nearly 22 years of experience in servicing, repairing, and opening safes of all kinds. With this expertise, he had started his locks and safes company, known as the Steelwater Safes, and has designed a massive number of safes that are at par with the price tag in terms of security, durability, and fireproofing.

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Best Steelwater Gun Safes 2023

Here is the list of the best Steelwater Gun Safe 2023 picked by our team Qrossfire. The below list is picked by our team experts by keeping the quality and price meter.

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The company allows the customers to buy directly from their online store that eliminates the need for a middleman or a dealer. This not only minimizes the expenditure of the customer as they now don’t need to pay to the middle man but also helps create a strong company and customer relations. Another reason to buy a safe from this company is because of its constant mechanical design. Many of the companies operating in this field create new designs and bring new safes in front of the customer almost every year. But Steelwater hasn’t changed its design for the last seven years. Now, if you buy a safe from a company that manufactures a lot of sales every year after a few years you might not be able to get spare parts of the safe that you are currently owning.

This might lead to throwing it away, even for minor defects. The company is exactly opposite in this term; since there is not a single change in the structural design for the last seven years you are sure to get a spare part to replace any of the defective ones in your safe; which not only gives you stress-free makeover but also helps you to use your safe for a long period without having to change it and the save thousands of hard-earned cash.

All the safes rolling out of their factory is assured of quality, build and safety and include features such as u-channel steel plates on both sides of the top shelf to prevent it from warping and increase its durability by manifolds, extra  1/4 inch steel plate in all four corners of the bottom to prevent it from rocking back and forth, and a hard plate of approximately 4 x 5 inches which protect the lock and the internal locking system in case of any break-in attempts.

To make sure that the safe delivered to you is of the best quality and without any wear or tear, the company goes through two rounds of inspections: one at the factory and another time before shipping, to provide you with a flawless product which you can be proud. They take good care of customer satisfaction and do all that is possible to give you a complete package after buying a gun safe. Steelwater is quite efficient in these solving structural defects and mechanical failures, getting you covered of the repairing hassles and giving your safe a long life.

#1 – Steelwater Gun Safe 39 Review

Steelwater Gun Safe 39 Review
The first item on our list of best Steelwater Gun Safe Review is a gun safe can hold a lot of guns. And when we say a lot of we mean 39 guns, as claimed by the manufacturer. And if you’re interested in firearms, you know that 39 long guns, either rifles or shotguns, are quite a large number.

This safe is specially designed for people who are into professional shooting or are a huge fan of guns, thereby holding a massive collection. The safe looks quite classy from outside and has a matte black finish that gives it an aristocratic look. The dimensions are 59 inches in height, 39 inches in width, and 24 inches in depth and will indeed take up a lot of space in the room. However, having a maximum capacity of 39 guns doesn’t always mean that you can store 39 guns in it.

The design is quite compact so that you can store somewhere between 24 to 30 grams in it without cramming up. It gives complete fire protection and has been tested to withstand flames around it for about an hour at a maximum temperature of 1875 degrees Fahrenheit before finally giving in to the surrounding conditions. To prevent your gun’s ammunition and accessories from potential damage due to the hard steel, the manufacturer has also added a grey carpet lining on the interior walls that provides a soft layer to support the guns.

As an added advantage, the shelves inside the safe are adjustable, providing you the option to personalize the storage space inside it according to your needs and desires. If you buy the safe from the official website, you also get a free door organizer and a dehumidifier with the safe that also saves you from spending a couple of hundred bucks in buying those items. This safe doesn’t allow smoke to get in while surrounded by fire because of the heat-activated door that expands with the increase in the temperature surrounding the safe and thus providing you water and fire-resistant safe.

In case of any malicious activity like drilling a hole to break the lock and gain access to what is inside the safe, it has a resistance plate behind the lock that makes its security one of the best available in the market. Keeping in mind of installation of the dehumidifier, the manufacturer has equipped the safe with a pre-drilled hole at the back of the safe so that it becomes an easy task for you to install it.

The digital soft-touch keypad is also quite advanced and comes with a back-lit feature. Some other features are automatic interior LED lighting, 25% longer locking Bolt, EMP-proof lock, 12 Gauge Steel body, internal spring-loaded locking Bolt, three high-grade power supply with outlets, and two USB charging ports to name a few.


#2 – Steelwater 20 gun safe

Steelwater 20 gun safe
The second safe in our list of best Steelwater safe reviews is a smaller version of the previous one with features much similar to the one mentioned above. The dimensions of the safe are 59 inches in height 28 inches in width and 18 inches in depth a bit smaller than the previous one but still enough to hold 20 long guns inside it. It is also a fire-resistant and can stand the temperature of up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for three fourth of an hour.

The whole safe is divided into two parts or sections and can hold a minimum of 8 guns in each compartment, making the average capacity of the safe around 12 to 16 long firearms. The shelves equipped to the safe are not fixed and thus can be adjusted according to what you need, depending on the size and structure of your guns. Like the previous one, this safe is also equipped with an electronic lock that provides added security to your expensive positions inside. The safe has an external battery compartment that makes it easier to replace the battery without any hassle.

Security features are one of the best and include relocking Bolt to prevent a burglar or a thief from gaining access to the belongings inside it. The lock system is EMP-proof and has an added high-security double-sided bypass key lock. This has a pre-drilled hole to install a dehumidifier along with holes to anchor the safe to the ground. Other features present in the safe include automatic interior LED lighting, 1.5 inch solid Steel locking balls, 12 Gauge Steel body, 5 inches thick door which includes two layers of iron board double layer Fireboard on the walls, ceiling, floor, and door jams, gear-driven lock and bolt system, internal spring-loaded locking Bolt for additional security, heat-activated expandable doors to prevent smoke and water from getting inside, and a desiccant dehumidifier of 200-gram Silica Gel free with the safe.

Weighing around 453 pounds this might not be the lightest gun available in the market but is surely one of the safest that you can buy and give the responsibility of storing your possessions worth thousands of dollars with the guarantee of safety and security.



We hope you have liked our article on the best Steelwater gun safe review. All you need to do now decide which safe you want according to your needs and desires, keeping in mind safety and security features, so that you can be at peace of mind when you are out of your house and entrusting you are guns to the safe.

The company provides a limited lifetime warranty on all use product and you can be sure that the products will not face any problem in the long run; until a burglar or a thief decides to break in and do extensive damage to the safe, in a failed attempt to take away all your expensive possessions. As told earlier, spare parts of this manufacturer are quite easily available, which means you can use this safe for a very long time, if not your lifetime, before investing in a new one.