5 Best Stack-On Gun Safes 2023 Reviews – Let’s wrap up!

By | February 8, 2023


Not all of us lucky to win $$$$ and spent that money on a massive gun safe. We just want safety of guns or firearms from burglars, small fire and place firearms away from kids.

When we are purchasing any product we like to check the company of the product. Let’s talk about some things about Stack-on before going to purchase Stack-On gun safes. Stack-On is not famous or that much old as some other gun safe companies.

Stack-On was founded in 1972 and it has completed over 45 years and people trust them. Stack-On Sells products like Gun Safes, tool chests, toolboxes and many other products. Stack-on is famous for its quality and price as comparing other safes.

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Best Stack-On Gun Safes 2023

Here is the list of the best Stack-On Gun Safes 2023 picked by our team Qrossfire. The below list is picked by our team experts by keeping the quality and price meter.

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In the market, there are lots of companies that sell gun safes and make confusion to select the best one for you. So to help you find out the best one for you, here we have compiled an easy buying guide and selected the best gun safes on the market.

Before reading any gun safe reviews, it’s important that you know what type of gun safe you’re looking for. We’ve come up with a checklist of things you should consider before purchasing a gun safe.

What do you want the safe for?

First of all, consider what you want the gun safe for. If you’re looking for something to store an entire rifle collection, you obviously need a large gun locker style safe. If you’re looking for something that you can also use the store valuables, a large rifle safe will also work well for these purposes. If you’re looking to store simply a small handgun and a small amount of ammunition, a small biometric gun safe might be what you want.

Buy a safe larger than what you need right now

If you are a gun collector, your collection is certain to grow over time. Not only this, but you will probably use your gun safe to store your family’s valuables as well. For these reasons, we highly recommend buying a gun safe that is larger than what you currently need. You might be surprised at how quickly you fill up even what you consider a large gun safe. You don’t want to skimp out when it comes to buying a gun safe; it may be one of the most of important purchases you make, and the things you store inside of it may be worth thousands of dollars. In the case that you’re on a tight budget, consider buying even a used unsafe. You want something that is high quality and built to last, and a cheap gun safe is surely not going to give you the security that you need.

Consider the safety features of the safe

Does it have exposed hinges? If so, this could be a huge security hazard, as it makes it much easier to pry the door open. You’ll probably want something that is designed to resist prying and drilling. Many of the current handgun safes on the market feature biometric technology, which uses your fingerprint as a means of access to the safe. This is a very secure technology and you can be certain that no one will be able to get inside without your fingerprint.

Fire & waterproofing

A gun safe that is both fire and water-resistant can be a lifesaver. If heaven forbid, your house is struck by a fire or flood, you can be sure that the contents of your safe will be protected by a sufficient fire and waterproof gun safe. If you are storing small documents or other items, you might consider buying a small commercial-grade safe to put inside of the gun safe, which will offer double protection to these items. It’s up to you.

Best Stack-On Gun Safes – Detailed Reviews!

Since speed is clearly one of your main concerns, let’s waste no time! Let’s check for the best stack-on gun safes for the year 2023.


Let’s Start with Stack-On 14 Gun Fire Safe. These compact 55” tall safe where you can store 14 Guns at a time or you can put 7 guns and use other space to store valuables. The best thing of this gun safe is it has 4 adjustable shelves which will best put small valuables or ammunition. One more best thing of this gun safe is its floor has fully carpeted interior so it keeps your guns and valuables from being scratched by the steel of safe. Stack-On 14 Safe comes with a lifetime warranty and 5 years limited warranty.

  • Fire resistance up to 30 minutes and 1400 Degrees
  • It has pre-drilled holes so it is to secure to the floor
  • It has a combination lock
  • The lock on this safe has a good feel and spins smoothly.
  • It doesn’t take batteries.
  • Takes a little bit extra time to open the safe.
  • You can’t change the code once you put it.



It’s Stack-On’s most popular gun safe that comes with the combination lock. Because of its hunter green finish with the gold accent, it looks sexy. These is 54” gun safes that hold up to 24 Firearms at a time Or you can store 12 guns and use the remaining space for other valuables. Like Stack-On 14 Safe this safe is also equipped with 4 adjustable shelves and a carpeted interior. Because of the drill resistant combination lock, this safe makes itself the best safe in Stack-On safes. It comes with a lifetime warranty and has 5 years limited warranty. Unlike many other safes, this safe also has some pros and cons let’s see which they are.

  • Its lock system is not relying upon power so you are not going to lose access to the safe during power outage.
  • It has Fully adjustable shelves
  • The dial is easy to turn and not stiff
  • Equipped with three deadbolts and three live locks
  • Little bit expensive
  • It’s Interior is a little messy and might be coming up in spots. You can fix this issue with a cheap glue which you can get it into local hardware.



This safe is a 53-inch steel security cabinet. As compare to Stack-On 14 Gun Fire Safe and STACK-ON FS-24-MG-C, this safe is too small. It can hold up to 8 rifles or shotguns. These are smaller gun safes so you can place them in a tighter area also. Unlike other safes, this safe also has a 3-point locking system. It has Foam padded bottom interior and barrel rest so it will keep your guns being scratched from by the steel. This gun safe is very easy to assemble. You can secure this safe to the floor with pre-drilled holes in the bottom and back of the gun safes steel. For this safe Stack-On offers a 1-year limited warranty.

  • Because of easy and clear assembly instructions, you can assemble this cabinet in less than an hour.
  • Very cheap compare to other safes
  • Easily movable
  • It’s exterior looks more expensive and classy.
  • You can set the door to open in either direction.
  • There is no place for store handguns.
  • It has a thin metal.
  • The company gives a combination so it cannot be changed.



This gun cabinet is 54 inches tall and has two doors so you can put here 16 to 31 firearms at a time. STACK-ON GCDG-9216 has 4 large foam padded fully adjustable shelves for storage. Also, it has included extra barrel rests.
Because of foam padding, it reduces the risk of getting scratch on guns. This gun safe looks sexy because of its hunter green epoxy paint with gold accents.

  • Safe has plenty of space
  • This cabinet is too lightweight so one person can easily move.
  • Its floor and walls are lined with foam padding so guns do not get scratched by its steel.
  • 4 Large removable shells for handguns and put ammunitions or other valuables
  • It has 2 doors and each side had different keys to open the lock.
  • This safe is lightweight so the thief can easily steal.
  • Doors are not dust seal. You have purchase dust seals from the store.
  • You can’t use a dehumidifier because of a lack of seals.
  • The metal is too thin.



You can understand the capacity of this gun safe from its name only. This safe is 52 inches heightened so it can hold up to 10 rifles or shotguns. This safe is equipped with a shelf that you can use for storage or you can remove it. If you want to place long guns then you have to remove the shelf. Like other safes, this safe also has given pre-drilled holes so you can secure it to the wall or floor. This safe has also 3 point locking system which provides greater security. This safe has covered with foam padded so it can reduce to getting the risk of scratches from its steel This safe has a 1-year warranty, which covers only defects in the material and workmanship.

  • Equipped with a removable steel shelf
  • It will take a very small area to place
  • Very Lightweight so you can move easily
  • Pre-Drilled anchor holes so you can easily secure it to the floor or wall
  • If you scope on your Rifle you cannot hold ten guns in it.
  • It cannot protect your guns from fire or water.


Wrap up

If you are a gun owner and you do not own a high-quality gun safe as yet, you owe it to yourself, your loved ones and your community to store your firearms in a safe and secure place. Owning a gun safe will provide you peace of mind, knowing your guns are safely kept away from children, secured from thieves and protected from fire and moisture. Do some more research on gun safe reviews, to assure you are purchasing the right safe for your needs.