What is the best way to clean a gun with household items?

By | April 21, 2022

Cleaning a gun without a gun cleaning kit is a difficult task to work out with. Cleaning a gun with Household Items can be done easily, but you need some amount of experience in cleaning guns.

Sometimes cleaning a gun is a necessary job, as dust inside the gun can corrode the internal parts of the gun. Dust can also jam the internal gun mechanism. So cleaning a gun from time to time is important.

So, today in this article we will teach you how to clean a gun with household items. Before starting to clean a gun, make sure to sit inside favourable conditions.

How to Clean a Gun with Household Items?

Preparations before cleaning a gun:

First of all, before starting the cleaning process, unload the gun. Check multiple times, whether your gun is unloaded or not. Cleaning loaded guns can cause a massacre. So be 100% sure and then only start the cleaning process.

After checking the gun, place the gun on a flat surface. Make sure the surface is clean because you need to keep the gun parts on that surface. Then check all the household items you need to use for cleaning the gun. The list of household items is provided below.

Household items needed for cleaning a gun:

Here is a list of household materials you need to clean a gun. If any of the items listed below are not available at your home, then go and buy them immediately. You cannot execute the proper cleaning of a gun if you don’t have the correct items to clean.

  • Cleaning cloth or a paper towel.
  • Pair of scissors or knives
  • Thin rod or stick which can probably go inside your gun’s barrel.
  • Gun oil (preferable) or regular oil

If you have all the components listed above then let’s start the cleaning of your gun. Make sure you have a plain surface that is big enough to keep all the components as well as parts of the gun.

Steps to clean a gun with household materials:

Once you are pretty sure that your gun is unloaded and you have all the components to clean the gun at your home, let’s start the cleaning process. Follow all the steps written below, don’t skip any step. Don’t try to rush to cleaning a gun, be slow and steady.

Let’s start the cleaning process by disassembling the gun.

  • Disassemble your gun according to the mechanism of the gun. The mechanism of every gun is different. Disassemble all the parts like bolt, chamber, barrel, frame, etc. from the gun.
  • Now, we will start the actual cleaning process. Start the process by cleaning the bolt in its hole followed by the chamber, barrel and frame.
  • Take a big piece of cotton cloth and cut them, using scissors, in a small square shape. These small pieces are required for cleaning the barrel.
    big piece of cotton cloth for cleaning gun
  • Take a piece of cloth and dip it inside the gun oil. Just dip a corner of cloth.
    gun oil
  • Start cleaning with the cloth which is dipped inside the gun oil, the residues of oil inside the bolt.
  • Gun oil helps to clean all the residues of oil as well as clean carbon and all the foreign particles which are stuck inside the barrel. After cleaning you will get a smooth and shiny surface on the bolt.
  • Make sure the gun firing pin is located properly inside the bolt. If the firing pin is a little tilted, then fix the pin in the right location. Make sure you align the pin properly inside the bolt.
  • Now we will clean the barrel of the gun. Hold the gun in your hand and clear off all the mess which is visible inside the barrel.
    clean the barrel of the gun
  • To clean the barrel, take a clean cloth and dip a portion inside the gun oil. Use the square cut out of cloth that we slashed before in the starting.
  • Now take a thin rod and wrap the rod with the cloth which is dipped inside the gun oil. Push the rod inside the gun’s barrel and continue the step until the barrel is totally cleaned. Remove the residues that stick on the cloth and push the rod inside the barrel.
    gun cleaning rod
  • Don’t try to push the rod too hard. Do it slowly and carefully.
  • Hold the chamber of the gun and clean all the interior of the gun with the cloth which was used previously.
  • Clean all the residues, excess oil, impurities of carbon, etc. Give a wipe to the gun thoroughly.
  • Now it’s time to reassemble the gun. Reassemble the gun according to the instructions provided by the gun maker.
    assemble the gun
  • After reassembling successfully, try to fire the gun without bullets. If the gun performs correctly then you can add the bullets and do whatever you want.

This is how you can clean a gun with household items. Cleaning a gun with household items is not recommended, but in some immediate scenarios you can definitely clean the gun with household items. A special gun cleaning kit is available in the market. One should use these types of kits or hire an expert to clean your gun.

Before trying to clean the gun, please do some checks like whether it is loaded or not. Make sure that you have a proper instruction guide to disassemble and assemble the gun and make the weapon fully functional again.

Follow our guide thoroughly and clean the gun with ease. Make sure you have enough time to clean the gun and try to keep your infant away from this process. The residues inside the gun or gun oil can be injurious to the infants.

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