11 Different Types of Gun Safes: Features & Other Information

By | December 26, 2021


It is the duty of every firearm holder to keep the arsenal safe and secured every time. Some of the major factors are to protect it from natural disasters, theft, and unauthorized usage. The best way to attain indisputable protection is by investing in a perfect gun safe. So here are some types of gun safes which you should consider when in need of one.

Types Of Gun Safes

The following are various types of gun safes that you choose from.

#1 Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric Gun Safes
The biometric gun safes are one of the most secure safes in today’s world. In order to open safe, you need to place your hand on a scanner that reads your fingerprints. This only happens when you have registered yourself as an authorized user of the gun safe. It would be highly inconvenient for an intruder to open a biometric gun safe as the probability of two people having exact fingerprint patterns is near to zero.

#2 Electronic Lock Gun Safe

Electronic Lock Gun Safe
The locking system is operated using a keypad, the majority of the time it is integrated with a small screen. The safe is programmed to prompt the one possessing to enter a specific security code for it to open. You can realign it if you suspect or you know that someone else has attained your access code.

#3 Wheel and Pin Combination Safe

Wheel and Pin Combination Safe
This type of traditional safe has a wheel that you need to turn to identify three numbers which act as the passcode for access. High-end gun safes of this kind are usually resistant to fire and other natural disasters. A major drawback of these safes is that there is a likelihood of the wheel skipping an appropriate number if the combination consists of numbers that are aligned closely.

#4 Key Lock Gun Safe

Key Lock Gun Safe
This gun safe comes with a locking system that is safe with this kind of locking system. The system is reliable but watch out for the key, as if you lose the key the safe becomes susceptible to unauthorization. If this happens, then it is recommended that you call a locksmith immediately to get the locks changed and to have a new set of keys as soon as possible.

#5 Multiple Lock Gun Safe

ultiple Lock Gun Safe
These gun safes incorporate two such ways of locking systems. The model you are using can permit you to use only one system at a time or both simultaneously, depending on your security requirements. Two possible examples of locks are usually integrated in this way are the biometric and the keypad systems.

#6 Fireproof Gun Safes

Fireproof Gun Safes
Normally safes are made up of steel that demands an enormous amount of heat for melting. However, high temperatures from incidents like house fires can penetrate your safe and destroy your arsenals or other valuables in custody. Water is also a potential harming element for firearms. Therefore, your weapons would only be safe from floods if you stored them inside a waterproof safe. Hence for this and many other reasons it is suggested to procure a gun safe which is both fireproof and waterproof.

#7 Hidden Safes

The hidden gun safes help you in hiding your weapons. These usually mimim other objects like a piece of your furniture and anyone can roam around the house without even noticing it. To completely and properly disguise your gun safes you need to place it behind common household items such as a picture frame or a mirror such that less attention is drawn.

#8 Car Gun Safes

Car Gun Safe
Another type of gun safes are car gun safes, these are meant for one handgun only. But they do have room for a few other valuables as well. These gun safes enclose your weapon inside a hidden case of steel. Some possess a strong steel cable that secures the compartment to a part of the car such as the trunk.

This type of safe is portable, and you can fix it in different vehicles. There are also truck gun safes crafted for bigger vehicles. The bigger ones can store a variety of rifles, arsenals and handguns. Such types of safes can fit inside the automobile’s console by bolting them.
Having said that, truck gun safes are majorly called console vaults and they are not at all portable so take note of that.

#9 Nightstand Gun Safe

Nightstand Gun SafeThis is a compact safe used for a handgun, it gives quick access to your weapon at night. Some of the designs of this kind are also suitable to use in cars. These come at different prices based on the security features they possess. As they are sleek in design, they fit perfectly in the drawer of your nightstand. Hence, you can be sure from where to get your gun whenever a burglar strikes at night.

#10 Under-Bed Gun Safe

Under-Bed Gun Safe
One such way to boost security while sleeping is knowing that you can reach the gun from your bed. This type of security is offered in an under-bed gun safe. It resides under your bed as a sliding drawer.

These come in different sizes and also vary in weight. There are a couple of models in the market that offer different features, so pick the one that suits you best. Additionally, this safe notifies you to get armed in a matter of seconds.

#11 Corner Gun Safes

Corner Gun SafesThis type of gun safe is highly ideal when you do not intend to install a wall safe or when there are space issues. It fits perfectly at the corner of your room. These are usually large, and it is easy to identify them. Most of these have thick layers of walls with gypsum insulation that helps in fireproofing. But it comes in different sizes, weighs and also offers varying features.


Before picking a gun safe for yourself, you should keep in mind the security features, the number of arsenals you possess, and the ability to withstand natural/unnatural disasters. Your budget also is a subject of primary decision as you can only purchase what you can afford.

Having said that, knowing what type of gun safe you need is highly crucial to ensure your own satisfaction and it also confirms that the money invested is not thrown in vain.

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