Do you know what is exactly Tactical vest?

Most of the shooters or Military person already know that what is the tactical vest. They saw tactical vest very closely when they spent time shooting or hunting. The tactical vest is a jacket that can be used to store many tools, ammunition and accessories. Because of the vest, you can access ammunition or kit very easily in the middle of an engagement.

If you are a shooter then you should have a tactical vest. Tactical vest holds various things like ammunition, magazines, flashlights, handcuffs, scopes, water bottles, your cell phone and much more.

Let’s come to our basic point that is which things to consider when purchasing a tactical vest.
There are three primary issues that you should look at when buying a tactical vest that are Capacity, Size and Weapon Choice.

CapacityCapacity: Which purpose you want a tactical vest? This is a major thing you should have to consider when purchasing the vest. If there is an overnight mission then it will require more capacity than a daylight raid. You should ask some serious questions before going on the mission. Quantity of ammo do you need? How much time you are going to spend on a mission and according to that how much water you should take?

If you are going to on a mission then you need some extra gears like maps, compasses, medical kits, binoculars, or flashlights? So, you should consider all these major factors when buying or shopping for a tactical vest.

SizeSize: Are you going to use your vest in the vehicle? If YES then you need to consider the overall size and structure of the vest. A large vest will make your climbing in and out of the vehicle difficult. Gear pouches in the vest are easily caught in the vehicle’s doorways. If your vest having a lot of pouches then it creates difficulty or to get caught on most of the random gears.

choiceWeapon choice: Let’s talk about 3rd and most important issue of weapon choice. If you know about weapons then you definitely know about according to different weapons their requirement of ammunition source also changes. If you are a shotgun user then it needs bandoleers to hold shells and AR 15 Rifles uses Magazines. And Gear pouches are different according to size and structure of ammunition source or weapons; there is no universal pouch made for all weapons.

Now you will ask all magazines are the same? So their answer is NO. Magazine sizes are different according to the weapon. For example, the size of AK 47 magazine is too big from a AR 15 rifle magazine. This means the same size of magazine pouches are not compatible with each other.

Suppose you have a AR 15 magazine and you have a pouch of AK 47 magazine size then AR 15 magazines may bounce around in a pouch, because of bouncing ammunition to become loose in the magazine. The loose ammunition may fall out of the magazine and to get in the way of loading the magazine into the firearm.

Final Words: The tactical vest is a convenient method of carrying gear. Just keep some things in your mind while choosing a tactical vest that your mission and your necessary gear, and which vest can work for you.