How To Install A Gun Safe? – Procedure & Precautions Listed

By | December 26, 2021

Introduction- Why Do You Need a Gun Safe?

A gun safe as the name explains is a guarded box where your arsenals, guns, in particular, are safely kept. It is necessarily crucial to own a proper steel made gun safe in your house once you start keeping a gun in your possession. Specifically, because a gun safe keeps it out of the reach of your children at home, who might be thinking it is one of those usual toy guns they generally play with.

Another significant reason why you should install a gun safe is to guard the gun against theft. When thieves tend to invade your place and when your gun is not kept properly in a gun safe, there is a high probability you’ll either lose your gun or might end up being killed by your own gun. By and large, a gun safe prevents your gun from unwanted killings and theft.


Before proceeding with the process explaining how to install a gun safe here is what you should know. When your house catches fire and you possess a gun safe in your house, you will be completely assured that nothing will happen to your weapon.

The gun safe helps in protecting your gun from extreme weather conditions and adverse climatic conditions like flooding. These and many other factors why you should focus on having a gun safe installed in your house.

A post outlining the importance of having a gun safe installed at home, it’s time we get acquainted with how a gun safe is securely and safely installed in our homes. Installing a gun safe might swallow the fun from your day and make it a hectic one, but there are certain criteria that must be put in place before you proceed forward with the installation.

Therefore, the following are some guidelines and procedures that can adhere to while installing a gun safe.

Procedure To Install A Gun Safe

#1 Suitable Venue

Suitable Venue

Source:Fresh Home

You should first look for a suitable place when the gun safe can be placed. It is majorly determined as per your accessibility and convenience of the place. It is also depicted majorly by how secure the place is. It is highly suggested to pick a location that is least roamed in the house in order to eschew the description of your possession of arsenal to the kids.

A suitable venue should not be effortlessly located by potential thieves. It is too unfortunate that most of the licensed arsenals used for various crimes and offenses are not properly secured by the owners. The consequence of this is that the owner of the arsenal ends up being killed by the gun that he/she bought by himself or herself.

#2 Smooth Path

Smooth Path

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While installing a gun safe, it is significant to measure the length and breadth of your gun safe which will ease you in finding a suitable path for it to be conveyed inside your house without entertaining any such hassles.
The path drawn must be relatively free during the conveyance of the gun safe. Only those who have a direct connection with the gun safe should be there while those who are barely involved, should be excused from the path for easy conveyance.

#3 Suitable Floor

Suitable Floor

Source: CorkFloor

The gun safes are majorly heavy, although you can just put them on any floor you should be highly picky. The type of floor suitable for a gun safe is typically very challenging and should have the ability to properly anchor heavy material.

Gun safes hold the intensity and power of destroying an unsuitable floor. The flooring which is made of tiled is highly suitable as anything for this purpose as it proffers unmatched support for the massive gun safe.

#4 Suitable leveling

Post installing your gun safe, it is somewhat awkward if there is some like a projection, hump, or a hunch. Such kind of installation is no doubt security unconscious. It will be very convenient and easy to decipher that you are hiding something. So you should always ensure that the gun safe is leveled below to the line of an extent such that there won’t be traced of anything anytime.

Not only this, but leveling also confirms the confidentiality of your location because if properly leveled, no one will have the knowledge of the presence of the gun except those who were already informed.

#5 Suitable Bolting

Suitable Bolting

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Another thing about a gun safe installation is that every step is very critical and highly crucial. If skipped or not done properly, you may have to pay heavily for it in the near future. Bolting your gun safe is obviously one of the crucial procedures.

Your gun safe is supposed to be tightly bolted down. This will ensure that you leave no stone unturned in the general installation procedures. If the gun safe is well bolted down, then and only then there won’t be a fear of people playing with it and it will also confirm maximum security level. You should bolt all the four corners no matter what.

#6 Suitable Electrical Connection

Suitable Electrical Connection

Source: EDN Asia

This one is yet another crucial factor that needs to be taken into consideration while installing a gun safe. It is to decide where to place your gun with access to electrical sources in mind. Most of the gun safes possess inbuilt dehumidifiers which light inside them when required.

The significance of the dehumidifier is that an electrical appliance used to reduce the humidity in the air and in this case is gun safe. The two, humidifiers and lights require electricity and the nearest electrical source or mains must be put in place to give the gun safe and environment-friendly location.


The aforementioned are the complete procedures and precautions involved with the installation of a gun safe in your house. If you are well aware of them, then you can single-handedly put off this job which is actually not at all feasible.

However, if you think you might not be able to do it alone, then it is highly suggested to hire a professional person who can easily carry the heavy objects to eliminate the potential chances of any such damage.

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