How to Clean Your Gun with a Kano Kroil Cleaner?

By | December 26, 2021

There are a lot of people out there who love to keep guns at home. However, keeping the weapon is one thing, and maintaining it is another thing. Just like other items, guns require maintenance; you need to keep them clean so they can serve you for a long time. 

Plus, if you keep your guns or firearms appropriately maintained, that means they will stay clean, accurate, and last an extended period. Now the question arises, what is the ideal oil which can gun keepers use to clean their guns properly?
Kano Kroil Cleaner
Let us tell you that several different types of lubricants are available out there in the market, which are only made for firearms. You might have heard the term Kroil or Kano Kroil, yes? Well, you should be familiar with Kroil or Kano Kroil because this is without a doubt one of the best gun cleaner oil.

You know what? In the past few years, a large following has developed for Kroil, and the credit goes to its unique properties, making guns easier to clean and maintain. Now, in this article, we will talk about how you can clean your firearms with Kroil. So stay tuned with us in this guide, where you will get all the necessary information about how to clean your guns with Kano Kroil cleaner. 

First of all, let’s know what Kroil is?

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The Kroil is a penetrating oil that is presently one of the most popular oils available in the market. This fantastic oil is created in the laboratories of Kano, and the main aim of this particular blend oil is to spaces, cracks, and crevices of metal and other surfaces.
The outcome is that the bonds that structure between rusting or oxidizing compounds are separated. As it separates the mixtures, the Kroil breaks up the gums, dried oil, and other buildups without influencing the actual metal. The Kroil can even uproot water which forestalls further oxidation.


Now let’s talk about why use Kano Kroil for gun cleaning?

1. Standard oil has an excessive amount of surface tension (physics term) compared with Kroil. This implies that while it offers some protection, it is not as great as eliminating rust or corrosion. Kroil, then again, is an industry-demonstrated penetrating oil that offers unequaled security and lubrication than some others. 
2. Kroil is ideal at getting into the tiny crevices that form in the metal, considering more buildup to be loosened and taken out with the appropriate weapon cleaning tool. 
3. Also, Kroil is regularly utilized to loosen frozen parts by giving the appropriate oil so they can move unreservedly or freely. 
4. You know what, continued utilization of Kroil gun cleaning will also help you keep the gun clean by not permitting the residue to build up in these tiny cracks and crevices.

Here are the items you will need to clean your gun: If you have decided to clean your rifle with Kano Kroil oil, there are certain things that you need to have with you. Here we are putting up a list of necessary items that you need to have to clean your gun. 

  1. Kano Kroil oil
  2. Cleaning rod (weapon-specific length and diameter)
  3. Bronze bristle brushes (weapon-specific bore sizes)
  4. Copper solvent
  5. One brass patch jag (weapon-specific size)
  6. Cotton patches
  7. Clean rag
  8. Rust preventative compound 

Here is how you can clean a gun with Kroil?

When you decide to clean your gun with Kroil, you will need to have a supply of Kroil gun cleaner oil to get started. You can buy all these necessary things online. 

You can also buy a gun cleaning kit designed for the weapon you own, making your cleaning process so easy. 
Now you must be thinking, why should I spend extra money on a kit and what comes with the kit? It depends on the equipment, which generally includes cleaning Rod, Brass Patch Jag, Bronze Bristle Brushes, Cleaning Rag, Cotton Patches, Copper Solvent, and Rust Preventative. 

We expect you to have the required material or tools; now, you must follow the proper steps mentioned below to clean the gun using the Kroil gun cleaning method.

1. First of all, you need to unload the weapon to avoid any mishaps. Plus, you are required to make sure the chamber is clear. When you are done with that, now you will need to do the following. 
2. Here, you have to get the cleaning rod, then you need to attach the bronze bristle brush, and then put up Kroil on it. Here, you will need to brush the inside the barrel for at least 20 passes.
3. After that, you have to remove the bronze bristle brush and then utilize the cleaning rag to eliminate the oil and residue from the cleaning rod.
4. Next up, you need to put up the patched jag and put it up on the cotton patch on the jag. You also need to add extra AeroKroil and push the rod from the end of the chamber through the muzzle.
5. In this step, you have to allow the patch to fall off when it exits the muzzle. You need to pull back the rod through, and you will now add another cotton patch. Once you have done that, you need to repeat the process until all the residue has been removed.
6. Once you are done with the step mentioned above, add a new cotton patch to the jag and put up a few copper solvents on the patch. Now, let it pass from the chamber to the muzzle and allow the patch to fall off.
7. Now, you have to repeat a couple of times. You also need to wait a few times and then repeat when you no longer see any copper residue, which will show up blue-greenish on the patch.
8. Here, you have to add a dry cotton patch, and then you have to do the same thing to remove all the copper solvent.
9. Finally, wipe down the cleaning rod and add a new cotton patch. Then you need to apply the rust preventative.

By doing this, you will be able to keep the inside of the barrel from oxidizing.

Here, you are done with the whole process of cleaning the gun, and this will protect your weapon or firearm until the next time you use it.


That is all from our side for now about how you can clean your gun with a Kano Kroil cleaner. We want to recommend that you please follow the instructions before you wash your firearms. Unloading your weapon is a must before you finally start the process of cleaning. Now here, this article comes to an end. Happy cleaning, folks! If you have a few suggestions for us and want to give some feedback related to our content, please feel free to put across your point of view down below in the comment section.