Top 12 Best Tactical Gloves 2023 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

By | February 8, 2023


If you are a military officer, a police officer, and constable, a survivalist, or even just an outdoor enthusiast, then you know the importance of having a good pair of tactical gloves. Whatever you need them for; this guide will help you find the perfect gloves for you.

Tactical gloves protect your hands when you hunt or engage in a tactical situation. Not only will they protect your hands from scratches, but they will also keep your grip firm and your trigger finger mobile, even if you pass through mud and dirt. But did you know that wearing modern tactical gloves can actually increase your grip on the weapon?

The following article presents the best tactical gloves available in the market in unbiased reviews that show the pros and cons of using each model. Our comprehensive buying guide will explain what is the most appropriate material for different scenarios, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having extra protection and cushioning and will help you find the tactical gloves that best suit your needs.

In addition, in the article, we examine some of the most popular misconceptions about glove shooting and reveal which are true and which are not, and most importantly, the facts we use in our interpretation. Find out when and where you should use tactical gloves, and which models are better suited for different scenarios. Tactical gloves can have many uses, so make sure your pair can be used with good results in your most frequent activities.

Why Tactical Gloves?

There are hundreds of reasons to use tactical gloves that make sense. Below is a list of situations where tactical gloves will be a great help to your experience and abilities:

  • Close quarter combat
  • Hand to hand fighting scenarios
  • Bad air condition or situation where debris is picked up in the wind
  • Terms of an offer for rescue operations
  • To be comfortable with gloves – in preparation for difficult future strategic encounters
  • Situations when you will be carrying a large about of heavy items or where you will be constantly picking up and putting down equipment
  • The position where you can come in contact with sharp edges
  • Training classes where you are exposed to different exercises that include a cover or using the ground for tactical conditioning
  • Law enforcement or military use
  • Shooting cold weather
  • Where a high level of abrasive is present, including use in sandy/desert/beach conditions
  • Protected against heat for long-distance sessions or to change parts in a weapon which has been firing a lot of ammunition
  • Where you may encounter an attacker with a knife
  • Wet conditions – where touch/feel is degraded

These examples may not fit you at all. But the use of gloves can vary greatly for each individual and the above list is by no means exhaustive.

Tactical gloves are so much more than just shooting gloves. They provide the necessary protection for your hands in a lot of different scenarios. The following section will address some of the situations when wearing tactical gloves is highly recommended

Tactical gloves are good for the fact that they protect hands and guarantee a more consistent performance index, mainly because most tactical operators and police officers and law enforcement agents use gloves almost full time. Continuity of performance and protection against friction and sharp objects is also the number one reason for choosing tactical gloves.

What materials make the most sense for tactical gloves?

Since you are spending time and money to find the right pair of shooting gloves, make sure they last longer.

There are two schools of thought on this subject – natural and synthetic alternatives. Either way, you’ll need to determine your use cases, so you can determine which party makes the most sense for you. That said: Most of the best tactical gloves are hybridized designs, which include some natural and some synthetic materials, giving you a glove feel that best compensates for deficiencies on either side of the playground.

If you are shopping online, look at the pictures closely and compare them with other brands. Often customers upload their photos too. It is also a good idea to read reviews of the brands you are considering.

Benefits of synthetic material

  • More protection against the elements usually
  • Lighter weight generally
  • Cheaper in cost to build/buy
  • Use of high-performance fabrics

Benefits of Natural material

  • Dexterity can be heightened on the right builds
  • Generally made to a higher quality of finish
  • They will wear out at the appropriate time, to indicate when the service life is over for the most demanding situations (believe it or not, that can be a very valuable benefit of insight).
  • They can generally have a better tactile value – they feel better to the touch when the right material is used

Finger Dexterity

Finger dexterity is easily the most important part of moving from glove to glove or to a new set of gloves. You need to be able to use your fingers as if they were not covered. This is especially important for accurate shooting and for those who will be actively moving, as you may not sometimes feel that your fingers are speeding up movements because you are moving quickly, and this can lead to safety concerns, even the best trigger discipline and proper safety considerations.

Simply put, your fingers should be able to feel what they are doing as if you do not have tactical gloves. Yes, this is an exaggeration of possibility: Of course, a rough hand will have more finger dexterity, but you are shooting for the highest level of tactile sensitivity as you can get.

Most of these gloves use very high finger skills, even with more untouched ones. But they will get used to doing something.

Trigger control in a shooting glove can be the difference between life and death for those who do so for a living, at least it is an inconvenience; for those who are not law enforcement, military or some other tactical professional shooter, it can be a safety concern. Many shooters prefer modified trigger finger gloves or fingerless gloves. We do not advocate for it one way or the other and believe that you can achieve a good balance between dexterity and insulation; Protection and softness, etc. The best shooting tactical gloves will allow you to feel every nuance of the firearms you are working with.

Sometimes you will see that synthetic gloves make more sense than natural products as a result of the need for finger dexterity, as the thinness of synthetic materials is much better than some natural leather or fabrics.

Weight and Stiffness of Gloves – how does this affect their use?

Some gloves are very heavy. This can be a barrier to a shooter’s needs in tactical scenarios. The rigidity of the palm and the back of the glove can also have a significant impact on your level of comfort. Note: There are different types of gloves for different things, and we suggest that you find the glove that fits your use case to a micro-level.

If you are a peace officer who comes in contact with the possibility of drug addicts and needle pricks patting someone, you want a puncture-resistant glove that has a large layer of external material.

The opposite is true for a shooter who will be using gloves to take a single shot on a cold day in a hunting stand or blind, where the primary concern is finger insulation and the ability to ensure good trigger finger dexterity.

A completely different type of tactical gloves will be required for those who are sliding around in the dirt or in a wet environment. Each use case is different, and every use case requires you to pay full attention to the details to make sure you know what you need to achieve without compromising your level of “feel”.

The perfect fit, material, and specificity of the use case are important when trying to buy the best tactical gloves. Below you will find our list of the best 12 tactical glove sets and the reasons why we love them so much.

Best Tactical Gloves Reviews 2023

#1 – Magpul Industries Patrol

Magpul Core Patrol Tactical Gloves Review
Magpul Industries Patrol Gloves are literally used for patrolling. They are not particularly great shooting gloves, but they can be used for shooting. They are not a great tactical glove unless you are using the term tactical to describe a tactical fit for a specific use case and that use case is patrol wear.

When you wear these technical gloves from Magpul, keep your most valuable equipment safe. These gloves are made with one-piece palm construction, premium leather, corded nylon stretch fabric on the back, with an adjustable wrist for a custom fit, and a thumb and “gun gusset” design. When you wear these gloves with a Magpul, put safety and comfort first.

The thing that makes these Magpul gloves great is that they can do well in many different tasks, but they are actually made for patrolling work. Therefore, use them for patrolling work.

  • Touchscreen Capability
  • Leather palm; slim fit for leather gloves
  • Excellent comfort, dexterity and protection
  • Not use for shooting
  • Not excellent at anything but general police use


The Magpul Patrol Gloves provide protection and durability in a package that remains comfortable even with extended use. The one-piece palm construction with soft and durable premium leather and the corded nylon stretch fabric on the back of the hand with contour cut design gives excellent comfort, dexterity and protection.

Magpul Industries Patrol Gloves provide good protection in a glove that can be worn throughout the shift. Mechanix Wear- M-Pact Covert Tactical Gloves.


#2 – Mechanix Wear- M-Pact Covert Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear- M-Pact Covert Tactical Gloves Review
Mechanix Wear is another great multi-purpose glove that is best for solo activity. In this case, these are great for high impact shooter training, where you can run against cover and shooting.

Mechanix tactical gloves have been around for a long time, and the company name is synonymous with quality.
The gloves have a 0.8 mm synthetic leather palm. The palm is good for tactile sensation without compromising strength and durability. Synthetic leather adds to the longevity of these gloves which have a history of standing the test of time.

The manufacturer has implemented a design using thermal plastic rubber (TPR) to protect the fingers and protect your fingers. It is a durable, rugged and tough battle, just like when you find yourself in a living situation.

  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Snug fit offers good dexterity
  • Good abrasion protection for active shooting drills
  • Light material is comfortable and breathable
  • No cold weather protection
  • Not touchscreen compatible
  • Trigger finger removal design would be a nice addition


Mechanix Ware is a well-known brand, with a good quality mix of materials and the fact that these are great for training purposes, where an injury can throw an expensive training class for days. They are a great initial measure against difficulties in training sessions.

The Mechanix strategy is a durable, comfortable and functional design. They use high-quality components and are well manufactured. They have many important characteristics that are ideal for almost every existence, war or tactical situation. The distinctive MultiCam camouflage pattern is both unique and useful.


#3 – JIUSY Tactical Military Hard Knuckle Full Finger Gloves

JIUSY Tactical Military Hard Knuckle Full Finger Gloves Review
JIUSY Tactical Military Gloves are excellent quality airsoft and paintball gloves where you are getting a lot more physical and you can often get some annoying injuries or welds from hand injuries.

These pores have a tough structure that can protect against those types of issues. The quality of the stitching and construction may be a bit light for legitimate hardcore use, but the design is very good and gloves, while the slightly rigid is still suitable for most gun use.


  • Great design for airsoft and paintball to protect against injuries to exposed hands.
  • A bit stiff
  • Stitching can be a bit ‘unfinished” in areas like between fingers


Our gloves are topped off with a hard polymer blend for extra knuckle protection. Anatomically shaped one-piece Thermal Plastic Rubber knuckle guard provides impact resistance.
Great performance army gear as military gloves, tactical gloves, combat gloves, batting gloves, assault gloves, shooting gloves, paintball gloves and airsoft gloves.

Nicely stitched, careful sewing breathable material and adjustable wrist design provide a sense of snug and support.


#4 – Mechanix Wear – Specialty Vent Coyote Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear
Mechanix Wear – Specialty Vent Gloves are one of the best shooting gloves sets available today. The material is soft, easy to use when sweaty and has a rubbery texture, giving a great grip.

Precision feel and high dexterity are synonymous with 0. 5 mm palm protection. Our specialty 0.5mm covert shooting gloves are designed to give a natural feel and light hand protection in anatomical. The 0.5mm AX-Suede provides the perfect blend of tactile control and protection in the field or at the shooting range. The Breath Trek Dry conforms to the back of your hands to reduce heat build-up and expandable flex joints improve trigger finger mobility for smooth manipulation.

  • Nylon carrier loops
  • Good breathability for use with those who have sweaty hands
  • Expandable flex joints improve overall finger mobility
  • Great grip considering it’s not rubberized or added upon
  • Ventilated trigger finger
  • Somewhat pricey for the life span expectation


Literally feeling like a second skin, this glove set is excellent for long-term use, especially for those who are hot on their hands or sweat a lot. The material selection sees no real degradation of the material properties due to excess sweat, which makes this glove great for high-stress situations. Mechanix Wear – Specialty Vent Gloves are second with finger dexterity.

Highly breathable and ultra-lightweight, Mechanix Wear’s Special Vent gloves are perfect for military and law enforcement professionals, shooting sports and hunters, and provide exceptional levels of flexibility, precision, and protection in the field.


#5 – Magpul Industries Technical Gloves

Magpul Industries Technical Gloves Review
Magpul Industries Technical Gloves are a great choice for those who want synthetic gloves with a minimalist build style.

The lightest and tactile gloves in the Magpul line up, our Technical Gloves provide abrasion protection with maximum dexterity.

This is a pair of gloves that would be good for hot weather shooting, not requiring a ton of backhand protection.


  • Lightweight, durable glove without compromising dexterity
  • Minimalist – simple in a good way
  • Subdued branding for better camouflage and concealment
  • Maybe a bit on the weaker side durability wise


Great for hot weather drills, or for when you need a glove to combat sweaty hands, but don’t want to lose all feeling in your trigger finger. The Magpul Industries brand name is excellent, and they know what they are doing.

A second skin-durable synthetic construction with terry-supported thumb and touch screen capability that provides protection for active hands with minimal impact on fine motor skills.


#6 – Oakley Mens Factory Pilot Glove

Oakley Mens Factory Pilot Glove Review
Oakley, Inc. It is a sports and lifestyle brand, inspired to ignite the imagination through a fusion of art and science. Building on its heritage of innovative, market-leading optical technology, the company manufactures and distributes high-performance sunglasses, prescription lenses and frames, goggles, apparel, footwear and accessories.

This new khaki Oakley is rugged, well built, and durable. It has many features that make sense just for combat and quick fitting in your gloves. A quick pull on the tab makes it surprisingly easy to pull the glove on.

  • High-quality materials & level of craftsmanship
  • Four-point stitching
  • Velcro wrist closure & Airprene cuff
  • Easy application & breathable
  • Carbon fiber knuckles
  • Not touchscreen compatible
  • Expensive
  • Extra knuckle padding would be nice
  • Tigger finger removal capability would be a great addition


Oakley SI Assault Glove is a type of glove that we would choose if we were fighting daily in the sand. The interesting part is how many people were using these gloves fighting in the sandboxes, which made our last addition to the struggle for the US military.

Due to their pull loop design with no bunch and shifting. This is paramount for shooters.


#7 – FREETOO Tactical Gloves

FREETOO Tactical Gloves Review
Free too Tactical Gloves can be used for most shooting scenarios and some tactical purposes, but the sweet spot for these gloves is on paintball or airsoft where an exposed hand would be a painful target to hit. Durability is decent, but the warranty is excellent.

Widely used for various outdoor sports and activities, FREE TOO OUTDOOR GLOVES effectively protect your hands from scratches, cuts, scratches, insect stings, heat, cold, etc.

With ventilated vents on the back of the hand, these gloves give you breathability.

  • Top-notch customer service
  • Excellent introductory price for the quality
  • Knuckle protection is very good
  • Customer rated for 300+ hours of use
  • Option for a fingerless glove
  • Contains caustic dye; wash before using, though they don’t tell you that in the package instructions
  • Not sure how easy it is using the warranty – though it looks great on the surface


The FREETOO Tactical Glove is an epic airsoft glove that gives shooters a good quality build, who actually needs a legitimate knuckle protector and yet, a breather glove.

Ergonomic cushions for hands are designed to absorb impact, providing strong protection to your hands.


#8 – Mechanix Wear – Tactical Specialty Gloves

Mechanix Recon Black Gloves, Large Review
The Recon is a performance leather tactical glove designed to support law enforcement officers with versatile hand protection in the field.

Goatskin is excellent for fine work and fingertip needs. The problem with most goat products is that they need all goatskin to maintain the right amount of durability. Mechanix Wear – Tactical Specialty Gloves can cause little damage to the seam. But if you can handle them, they will serve you very well for their immediate lifetime

  • Comfortable stretch spandex
  • Goatskin thumb overlay improves durability/touchscreen capable goatskin leather palm protection
  • High level of control in this glove
  • Exceptional fit
  • They will need to be replaced regularly – goat skin just doesn’t have the same thickness as cow leather.


The glove is structurally designed for the natural curvature of your hand so that three-dimensional patterning can be used to create a snug fit.

The Recon is a performance leather tactical glove designed to provide law enforcement officers with versatile hand protection when responding to calls for service and making arrests. If you can handle the price tag of Mechanix Wear – Tactical Specialty Gloves and the hassle of throwing out gloves pretty often, but the benefit of having new gloves often is big enough; then these are the gloves.


#9 – Fuyuanda Half Finger Outdoor Gloves

Fuyuanda Half Finger Outdoor Gloves Review
Fuyuanda Gloves are the most durable half finger gloves on the market at the price point. These are an excellent glove for those who will not allow finger covering during shooting, but they provide some bulk that can be annoying during some activities.

This is a half-finger glove with rubber protector and adjustable velcro strap,

The build quality is generally high, allowing you to make the glove feel slightly larger and slightly clumsy. That said if you want long-lasting gloves and you can compromise on the fingers.

  • Protect your hands from enemy fire and brush
  • Great durability
  • Adjustable Wrist Strap
  • Decent colour options
  • Half-finger outdoor glove
  • Durability comes at the cost of bulkiness on the hand


It is well built and can handle some decent abuse. The half-finger design can be the perfect or long-range precision shooter that can also do physical work. Padding and anti-slip palm material make the Fuyuanda Gloves good for handling with heavy guns or accessories such as ammo cans or water jugs.
Ideal for outdoor sports such as horse riding and mountain hiking.


#10 – PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves Review
The PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Delta Utility Glove is fast becoming a model for professional lead-slingers everywhere!

They provide a great responsive shooting finger experience. The clothes are strong but still thin and light. The fingers work well on the touchscreen and the design proves to be simple and well-functioning.

  • Improved grip
  • Simple design that doesn’t add a ton of bulk
  • High level of dexterity
  • Comfortable for sweaty shooters
  • Pricey but the quality speaks for itself
  • All fabric means they can get dirty easily and they will have durability issues after some time


Hands down, PIG full Dexterity Gloves are the best gloves for those who hate wearing gloves during shooting. They will outperform any other glove for those who dislike gloves. Period. Not another option if you are already reluctant to get a pair of shooting gloves.

Designed as a “utility” glove, if you use your tactical shooting gloves both on and off the range, the PIG FDT Delta Utility Gloves require the most use, durability, and tactility on the market today. It is a good solution.


#11 – Outdoor Research Halberd Gloves

Outdoor Research Halberd Gloves Review
A manufacturer is famous for making snow-climbing gloves that are suitable for a frozen waterfall climbing with a piece of ice in hand. They understand one or two things about finger manipulation, grip and fit.

Outdoor Research Halberd Gloves are excellent gloves in those aspects. They provide the best synthetic grip; Premium finger manipulation and they fit exceptionally well.

“Overall good gloves, with light protection, comfort, dexterity and a good balance of ventilation. Conductive leather serves as an advertisement.”

  • Reinforced at High Abrasion Points
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • The best gripping surface on the list
  • Quality construction
  • Ultra-Tactile
  • Touch Screen Sensitive Index Fingertip
  • Expensive


The Outdoor Research Men’s Halberd Sensor Glove is a tactile glove for lightweight warmth while hunting or for military work. The breathable fabric wicks moisture, keeping hands comfortable. The fingers are also touch-screen compatible, just in case you need to text while out in the field. This is a serious and proven manufacturer of some of the best gloves in the world, though admittedly they are from the outdoor sports segment, and not the shooting segment of the market.


#12 – Hatch FM2000 Friskmaster Glove W/Honeywell Spectral

Hatch Friskmaster Glove Review
The FM2000 high-quality leather glove features a 100% Honeywell Spectral liner that protects against sharp objects. Constructed of premium leather, they have short elasticized cuffs for a snug fit.

It provides twice the cut resistance of Kevlar of the same weight to protect against injury from razors, knives, and other sharp objects. Constructed of water-resistant and fade-resistant premium leather with short elasticized cuffs.

  • Short elasticized cuffs
  • Good knife cut resistance
  • Constructed of water-resistant premium leather
  • Comfortable
  • Heavy even though they have high durability, they are still hard to justify if needing top tier dexterity and tactility at the fingers


This glove is one of the strongest and lightest manmade fibers available. The Hatch Ergo-Cut floating thumb offers greater dexterity. This is a Construct of premium leather.

This glove is for those who need abrasion and cut resistance or want the absolute most durability you can find in a simple glove that is sufficient for most balanced needs.


Bottom Line

We believe that after reading this article you can agree that wearing tactical gloves is not just enthusiasm or a fashion statement, a requirement that you adopt a tactical glove if you do not choose the right gloves for the first time.

Without a good pair of gloves, your hands are exposed to the elements every moment and you have to withstand both low and high temperatures with the winds and scratches around you. No matter whether you climb mountains, ride a bike, or simply carry items around your home, tactical gloves will definitely help. In addition to protecting your hands from damage, the best tactical gloves will also keep them comfortable.

As this tactical gloves review has shown, you have plenty of options to choose from. Often, you can use one pair of gloves for several uses, but one thing is certain – whether you want combat gloves, tactical gloves, duty gloves, or shooting gloves.

The best tactical gloves available on the market right now offer unmatched protection at work or play while allowing you to maintain complete dexterity and grip on whatever equipment you’re operating.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q- Which Hobbies and Profession necessary for Tactical Gloves?
Number Hobbies and Professions like hiking military, mountain climbing, industry that’s profitable from them.

Q- What are the important features customers should look for?
If you plan to buy tactical gloves then you look or consider various features.

  1. Material
  2. Protection
  3. Insulation
  4. Padding and flexibilities etc.

Q- All tactical Gloves are used with a Touchscreen?
Not all, few have touch screen capabilities as well as it’s come with very little security by default.

Q- Which type of tactical Gloves is available in the market?
Tactical Combat Gloves
Tactical Shooting Gloves
Special OPS Tactical Gloves etc.

Q- Most Common issue with Tactical Gloves after extended use?
These are the main issue arises with Tactical Gloves after extended use like Fingertips will be the first area to show enough wear and tear to rip, Fungal growth inside gloves without proper cleaning, stitching coming out.