Best Glock Sights Reviews 2023 – Do Not Buy Before this read!

By | February 8, 2023


Searching the best Glock sight is not so hard, yet you are excited to know what is in there for you. Actually much of the users do not require changing the factory Glock rear sights. Although, the front factory sight, always suffer the loss on some generations of Glock. The sights of the factory are not especially surprising for pistol sights.

They are usable, and they will be operated the time you get earnest regarding your shooting requirement.

Few generations have a front sight of the Glock pistols is vulnerable by blowing off directly while shooting the gun. The rear sights are mainly produced of polymer too, that shows them especially inelegant looking for some people and the usual quality of the sights is especially stubby. Just because of its combination it has so much attention, dependability and longevity, the sights usually look like a second thought on Glock pistols.

There are numerous causes to switch the Glock sights; nearly all of those causes are to improve to a finer material or to enhance the sight picture. There is a strong aftermarket for the Glock sight. Several companies make objects that are acceptable for use in place of the factory Glock Sights, the Glock Sights are literally pretty reasonable from a view of a sight picture. If you are fond of a Glock Sight and want to replace it, so you can find it here:

If this is not what you are looking for, there are many great sights accessible for the Glock Sights but make sure you are purchasing for the right Glock model when you buy it.

Types of Sights Available for the Glock

Tons of sights are listed for the Glock pistols. The company precisely knows of its sight insufficiencies, yet they supplied the fixes not many generations back to address site defects. That explained some is yet some things necessary. Gratefully a lot of alternatives and brands are there for replacing your Glock sights.

  • Tritium and Night Sights

Tritium sights feature a motionless radioactive gas confined in a glass vial that will glow gleam for a fixed amount of time. Normally, the gas tubes of Tritium will last up to 7-12 years, even so, some will last less and some will last longer. It is the radioactive isotope discharging its vitality that allows the product to gleam and it is safe in the form it is dispensed in. It is not that you could or would do it, still, if your glass vial were to shatter and you were to be exposed to tritium material, it would still be safe towards you.  It directly will not apply the type of radioactivity which would create a problem and it is counteracted by things like air, and solid materials.

One common thing many self-defense unique users of the Glock platform do –

Among the Glock platform, some unique users of self-defense switch the factory stock sights to a Night Sight version when they get their new Glock. A view from a total expenditure of money Glock provides this aspect by the factory at a little reduction. They are fine quality sights from the factory, but they too, are harsh. They are gradually created for performance. For that reason, aftermarket tritium glowing sights are generally the sight of option for recognizing personal protection shooters.

  • Fibre Optic Sights

Fiber optics has two types. One matches it with Tritium vials to get a shining outline advantage. Another one is a straight-forward fibreoptic colored tube that assembles free daylight and pushes it into the flat angle of the tube authorizing you to have brilliant sight dots to line up outdoors outlines. It is even comparatively productive indoors.

  • Steel Sights

Very plainly: this is a pair of sights that is steel rather than of polymer-based, to renew the Glock sight as close to OEM as able to be done while putting some rudimentary firmness.

  • Suppressor Sights

Suppressor sight is a higher kind of the usual front and rear sights to permit you to fire using the suppressor.

  • Adjustable Sights

For committed target use of the Glock pistols, you could get adaptable sights. These are mainly who are looking to go past by 25 feet on paper targets, or for longer-range steel/reactive target shooting.

Installing Glock Gun Sights

Sight Tools

You can surely renew Glock rear sights with a hammer and a punch. You’ll require a nut driver that is suitable for the low-profile hex nut on the Glock front sight. You might also renew some generations of the front sight by compressing them with a set of pliers until they shatter off, or with the considerate use of a small punch. The thing that you can do it, does not mean that you have to do it.

There are committed sight tools to assure you can substitute the sights correctly yourself. Few companies will cost you $15-50 to work for you. But you’d be astonished how feasible it is if you do it by yourself. It is positive if it is for the tooling you would take out some money for it, but if you are an enthusiastic user of your handgun for target use, you can possibly explain the costs. You might even be able to support all your shooting buddies if you have a sight tool. The tools are mainly general, so they will operate for your other handguns too.

There are some fine options that range in price from quite low priced to rather high priced. Each of them has a proper match, and you can find them here:

Top Recommendations: –

Wheeler Armorer’s Handgun Sight Tool –

Wheeler Engineering Armorer's Handgun

The Wheeler Unit is an expert tool made mainly for Armorers and Gunsmiths who do larger volumes of sight moving and replacement. It’s the most costly tool that still is graciously priced, and it might not be suitable for many users because the expense of the unit and the scarcity of requirements for such a tool because you fall short in the frequency of utilization required defending it. 


Professional Front Sight Tool for Glock 3/16″ Hex Nut Driver –

Professional Front Sight Tool for Glock 3/16″ Hex Nut Driver Reviews
This is a nut driver for the Glock Front sight. This tool is not so costly and you might only need this a few times in your life, but it’s a possible value for the investment. Alongside the Loc-Tite itemized beneath and you might only use it once or twice and yet it’s worth the investment.


Ultimate Arms Universal Rear and Glock Front Driver –

Ultimate Arms Universal Rear and Glock Front Driver Review
This is a tool that will fit in your budget fusion tool that provides a low-quality common sight tool for handguns rather than Wheeler atop but is yet enough to move your sights if used correctly.
The small nut driver is appropriate for Glock front sight adaptable. It has its restriction but is very good for value.


It is a brand name and rather than calling it a thread locker or epoxy others call it has Loc-Tite. It is an excellent product for what it provides. You require protecting your front sight and many other things regarding guns, having #242 Blue Threadlocking compound as it is a changeable choice that protects your threaded sections together.

Using other Loc-Tite RED can also be beneficial but it would be a great mistake. By using this Loc-Tite the thread will release easily. It is good for securing the threads against vibration and recoil.

Top 8 Best Glock Sights Reviews:

#1 – Trijicon GL01 Bright & Tough Night Sight Set for Glock Pistols

Trijicon GL01 Bright & Tough Night Sight Set for Glock Pistols Review
For the night sight Glock, Trijicon is the earliest retailer. It is mainly the discoverer in tritium gun sight technology and has also presented it into glass-based sight/optics.

This Company is a great household name in the shooting because of the use of tritium providing a premium tier product. Trijicon possesses great longevity.

It’s clear when you look at the quality of how it is built by these tiny sights that are inexpensive than $100. Although at a rational price point they show tritium inside of an aluminum and sapphire glass lamp body which saves from the mislaying of the tritium gas.

The white polymer ring that encompasses the lamp face provides outside and daylight clarity too.

  • Extraordinary brand reliability
  • These sights are used by any Glock variant and model only by choosing the model.
  • None
Why it is suggested: The materials are built by the top standard. This retailer is the very first for the tritium gas-filled items in pistol shooting. The name of this Glock sight is great and its longevity is excellent. Considering all the things this is the best Glock sight worth the value.


#2 – TRUGLO TFO Handgun Sight Set

TRUGLO TFO Handgun Sight Set Review
This handgun sight called TRUGLO TFO its luminosity is much in the dark and less in the day. Many people want a defending dim light choice yet choose to work with a tough sight throughout day time or near the range.

The tritium packed tube has a fiber optics situated at the back of it provides a brilliant view image in day or night, even if you do not require to use your gun.

Unfortunately, the longevity is not like the Trijicon or Meprolight but who knows it might be multifunctional for the people love to shoot a lot.

  • It has fiber optic technology.
  • Has a Tritium Phosphor Technology.
  • Created in the USA.
  • Do not have much longevity comparing to the list given below; especially the Trijicon night sight for this kind of use case.

 Why it is suggested: It is a multifunctional Glock handgun sight for the people who require a speedy lessening light and to fire in different conditions. It is a great option for those who do not require a powerful choice for dim light defending shoot which a Trijicon provides. To those who love target shoot and do not require the defending abilities of the resolute sight will love this set better or not.


  #3 – Trijicon GL05

Trijicon GL05 Review
The Trijicon GL05 is a straight forward replacing for the main factory sights. The big white dot is exactly opposite to the smaller dots on the rear sight and gives simple sight view reduction.

It provides great longevity for sight set because of the steel built construction. The value of the price and the fascinating built makes it a great deal.

  • It is simple
  • Can reduce the sight easily
  • The sight picture is fast
  • Low in price
  • Steel replacement set for the original plastic sights

Why it is suggested: It has a first-class quality. This set of sight is easy to reduce and is worth the value. The made-up is of strong steel materials so it will provide longevity. The replacement will be provided for it to last long.


#4 – TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight Set

TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight Set Review
The TRUGLO Tritium is a contender of the Tritium gas filled Trijicon sights, with a good price point. They provide convincing ratings to the markets.

This settles in with some points so as to select considering which one will be better if you are looking for the tritium night sights, because this one provides a good price point competing to the Trijicon, yet Trijicon provides much longevity and superior finish quality.

These have a superior quality of lights and the edges which are round do not cause difficulties. It can be used in low and regular light outline with the help of the white rings surrounding the tritium gas vials.

  • A contender for the Trijicon night sights.
  • It provides a night sight with tritium.
  • Lower in price.
  • The finish quality is fine.

Why it is Suggested: It is low in cost for Tritium filled night sights which provides a good contender to the finest in Class Trijicon for those who like the artistic of this brand.


 #5 – XS 24/7 Big Dot For Glock 9MM/40/357/36

XS 24/7 Big Dot For Glock 9MM/40/357/36 Review
Finding the front sight and combating with it as a tactical focal point. Alongside Trijicon vial in the front sight, the Big Dot for Glock set sights has a great quality build manner and materials.

With the large white dot and a “V” style of the rear sight provides a quick sight approach. This is a great invention for self-defense and you can shoot while moving.

  • Is Faster and increases performance
  • Good for those under stress.
  • New innovative for self-defense.
  • Not the most accurate sight picture.

Why it is suggested: It provides the fastest short-range target asset. Good for those under stress and can shoot while moving and saves you before from a bigger danger from the enemy by shooting on time because of the Big white dot for Glock.


#6 – Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight

Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight Review
From the two original tritium purveyors Meprolight is among them but another one for night sights for Glock pistols. They provided a competitive product that is fine and low in price including its own advantages to the Trijicon. Made by Meprolight has a chronologic account.

  • It is a great contender compare to Trijicon at a good price.
  • Build by high-quality materials.
  • Good visibility in low light but not in the day time.

Why it is suggested: A good choice from Glock tritium. Meprolight is a high-level brand name having high-quality tritium. Among the best three tritium sights contenders, this is the best choice for the low light yet not having the same staging for day time.


#7 – Trijicon Suppressor White Outline Night Sight

Trijicon Suppressor White Outline Night Sight Review
The suppressor Trijicon is the excellent recognized height sight Glock pistols up for grabs. While it is made with Trijicon tritium very strong shatterproof provides enhance the low light view and even good day and night time reduction.

  • Perfect suppressor for night sight.
  • Made by Tritium filling.
  • None

Why it is suggested: Has a high longevity and solidity because of Trijicon quality for a practical sight.


#8 – Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot

Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot
If you require an adaptable sight including low light advantages, consider a Meprolight. It is not simple to reduce the effect in the daylight, but having stability and robust presentation in low light it seems this is a great choice for the kind of shooters who require self-protective pistols while watching in the low light shooting.

  • High-quality constructions.
  • Do not have the best low light presentation concerning quick sight reduction.

Why it is suggested: It is multifunctional will last a long time. One of the best choices for adaptable sights among the Glock sights. They are not an ideal yet provides value for money.


Bottom Line

If you see the native Glock sights, you will be very upset. Even after the complaints by the shooters of the Glock line pistols, the Glock conjured up on the sights to enhance them. This concluded, Glock guns portrays some of the best principles in the world of protective ammunition. So by spending a few more money by making it certain the sights you have and are happy with is not much complicated to say it.

One of the best Glock sights that have what you require it to do, yet for the real world, it normally contains few low light advantages. If you want to choose one without a doubt it would be the Trijicon sights because it is well-known, trustworthiness and the presentation, yet it still mainly the longevity and ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy so it matches nicely with Glock pistols. One of the Glock called the Trijicon is the night sight in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q-  What Glock sights do the military use?
Yes, in the United States it is more popular, it is used by various military units as well as Law enforcements forces and security agencies.

Q-  Which Kit will fit my Glock sights?
TRUGLO Glock Sight installation kit is the best for your Glock Sight.

Q- Which type of mistake we avoid at the time buying Glock Sight?
If you want to buy Glock Sight then you must be avoid some serious mistake like Not trying them out first, Not improving your sight and choosing the first sights your like etc.

Q- Which factor is important to buying Glock Sight?
Front Sight
Material and type etc.

Q- Does Glock Sight needs a battery?
No, this sight does not require any battery.

Q- How much Warranty for Glock Sight?
This product warranty gives by the manufactures is near about 2 years.