The Best 10mm Pistols for Hunting and Self Defence – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide!

By | February 8, 2023


You must agree that there is nothing better than a handgun or pistol to ensure a feeling of safety when you are out there in the streets. The best 10mm pistols that are available in the market come pact with features that make it powerful, professional, and easy to shoot. And that is precisely the reason why today, 10mm pistols, and handgun models are the most commonly owned firearms in the United States, mostly used for personal safety and a concealed carry weapon.

Their compact nature, along with the caliber, the sights, the stainless steel, makes them the perfect defense option in daily life. The popularity of this variant in the firearm niche was once highly underestimated, and the 10mm pistols were initially rolled out in low supply, as it was predicted that there would not be a massive market for them. It was developed by the United States, as a powerful and efficient weapon for use by FBI personnel.

However, after many years of service, the 10mm pistol was decommissioned, and a new firearm was brought in. The FBI felt that the chamber’s cartridge was slightly big for small-handed users and thus wasn’t recommended for everyone in the FBI service who needed a weapon. But 10mm pistols are still used widely around the world, mainly by the police forces of various countries and states because of their reliability and ease of use, as well as their compact nature.

Gun owners also value them for recreational use for the same reasons—as well as their very affordable pricing. Besides the law and order system, the 10mm handguns and pistols are also widely popular among the handgun hunting community throughout the globe. But this is entirely barrel-specific and depends from one country to another or one state to another.

For example, some states in the USA require longer barrels in the design of a 10mm pistol if it is to be used for hunting purposes, and that is decided by the law. As a 10mm pistol or a handgun is equipped with semi-automatic magnum power, they are the guns that are quite suitable for any someone who is new to the field or is in the need of a firearm just for personal safety and has some basic knowledge about guns. It is only because of the versatility of the 10 mm pistols that the manufacturers around the world market the 10mm for hunting, defense, and tactical use, and personal use as required.

Being usable by both the groups of shooters, the newbies and the experienced ones, the 10 mm caters to the need of all and thus is widely popular as it is extremely easy to have an accurate shot. Besides the safety purposes, this is a great device for hunters looking to shoot at an animal from a maximum of 200 yards away as well. In case of a casual hinting weapon, you can bet on this to give e direct hit. But for using it as a shooting weapon, you need to check that 10mm pistols are approved for hunting in your state or your country.

Some areas require you to have special permits and licensing before they can be used for this purpose out there in the wild, whereas in other areas it might be illegal. Better to check the rules if you don’t want to get yourself stuck in legal proceedings. Overall, the 10 millimeters pistol can be used and benefitted by anyone with even a mild interest in and knowledge about guns. They are a perfect piece of a firearm for various uses and is also a great security device to have handy for the protection of you and your family regardless of where you live.

But without any professional help selecting the right 10 millimeters pistol would be a tough job for you, especially if you have little or no knowledge about handguns and pistols. If you are having one of 10 millimeters pistol with you in an emergency while you are surrounded by hostile attackers, this could mean the difference between life or death for you. And surely then, you don’t want your pistol to break down. That’s why do extremely important to choose the right one which suits your best.

So, let us go through the important features and things to look for whenever you are going to buy a 10 millimeters pistol for safety or recreational purposes. Having the right one in your hand while you are out of your home, maybe on the street may be on the streets or in the forest to hunt an animal, will make the task much effortless and efficient as compared to the other handguns and pistols.

Things to look for before buying a 10 millimeters pistol

Let us have a look at some of the features you should look for in the 10 millimeters pistol that you will buy, as it would help you buy the best one which suits you the most according to your needs and desires.


The brand name with which the pistol comes plays a major role in determining whether the pistol would be a good choice or not because in most of cases the products that roll out of the factory of a renowned and old manufacturer will likely to be of more use and durable day than those produced by the companies with a little experience in this field. However, it is never true for all.

Exceptions do prevail in all phases of all life and here too. Sometimes you might also receive a defective please from a century-year-old company where is your colleague might receive a better product although he bought from a company that is only a couple of years old. However, to be on the safer side, we would recommend you buy a pistol from one of the most reputable retailers and manufacturers. The equation is simple. A company will only become a renowned one if it has been delivering quality products for a long time throughout the world so that the people have known about them.

And that company will never temper with its quality and thus with its name that it has established in the market. Also, before buying, do have a look at the ratings of the product provided by the customers in the past so that you can get a general view of how it is like and how it will perform. But all those brand things settle down to quality. It is never the fact that the new manufacturers that have come to the market recently are not providing quality products.

They are also doing their best to improve and settle their feet on the ground. Long story short, although you can trust an old and renowned company for its build you can never look down on the new companies who are also providing world-class features in the best possible quality. Always remember “Quality is the king” and whoever is providing it to you should be respected and given value.

Size and comfort

A majority of the pistols are designed to adjust in a small space as it is more of a compact nature. But some size specifications should also be considered before buying the weapon as it will help you hold the gun comfortably, and thus important to consider the right size for your holding ability.  It is one of the most overlooked features when someone is buying a pistol or a handgun. First of all, you need to take note of the size of your hand in comparison to the gun.

Whenever you are using a firearm it is extremely important to be fully comfortable with the grip so that you are confident to have a perfect shot. All you need to do while holding a pistol is to feel comfortable, not get nervous or uncertain in any form, either because it is too heavy or uncomfortable. The more you are comfortable, the more confident you will be and hence would be more probable to deliver a perfect shot. Different brands of pistols in the market will have slight differences in terms of size, shape, and weight. That puts you in front of a wide range of options to choose from, depending on the shape and size of your hand.

What you are willing to do.

For buying a pistol or handgun make sure and clear of what you want to do with it. What people do is just buy a pistol, or a handgun and use it for multiple purposes, which is not at all recommended if you want an efficient job done. Different handguns and pistols are different purposes and are built according to their needs.

Ask yourself, why do you need a pistol or handgun? Do you want to go on hunting with it, or is it for occasional target shooting and recreational activities? Are you buying a pistol or a handgun for personal safety and sell defense? You should have a single answer to why you need to buy a pistol or a handgun, and that answer will decide which one to buy, among the thousand options available in front of you.

It also has other advantages. For example, what you need to do with your hand and also decide the cartridge you will be purchasing. As you know, different cartridges are equipped with different abilities and intended for different jobs. Some cartridges are best suited for hunting others designed to be used in height and situation and under pressure scenarios.

With enough being said, let us jump straight into the recommendations and see the 10 millimetres pistols we have in store for us in our list of the best 10 millimetres pistols available in the market that you can buy.

Best 10mm Pistols 2023 – Detailed Review!

#1 – Glock G40 GEN4

Glock G40 GEN4
The Glock G40 GEN4 rolls out from the house of Glock, a world-class Australian manufacturer of guns and ammunition that is renowned throughout the world for its quality and durable product. Glock is a well-trusted name within the firearm world, particularly when it comes to 10mm pistols and thus can be easily relied on. Along with the civilians around the world, the police forces in many states and countries are also regular customers of the company because of the reliability of the product they supply every time.

Some of the most important features included in the Glock G40 GEN4 are a dual recoil spring that reduces the amount of recoil felt during shooting, features trigger safety, fires using a striker, and has a gas nitride finish for added durability. This pistol is made up of polymer, which makes them extremely lightweight. As an added advantage,  the Glock magazine holds a maximum of 10 rounds in  1 reload and is thus quite suitable so that to be used for both hunting and safety purposes.

The Glock G40 GEN4 has a 6 inches barrel enabling it to be an action level and weapon in terms of shooting down an animal. This pistol is the first 10 millimetres pistol list of the best 10 millimetres stalls are available in the market that you can buy.

It is customizable to a great extent and provides you a set of different group steps to choose from according to the shape and structure of the hand. Overall this firearm is an extremely good quality product that can easily be relied on whenever you need it.


  • It has customizable grips and is exceptionally lightweight.
  • It has a very high velocity due to the 6 inches barrel.
  • The cartridge houses a maximum of 10 rounds inside the cartridge.


  • It might appear to be quite long to you if you are used to or planning to buy a shorter handgun or pistol, which can be concealed if required.


#2 – Glock G20 GEN4

Glock G20 GEN4
As said earlier, we can’t get our eyes off Glock, mainly because of its quality and durability that its products offer. The Glock G20 GEN4 is the second Glock in our list and also the second 10 millimeters pistol in our list of the best 10 millimeters pistols available in the market, which you can buy.  Historically it was the first 10 millimeters pistol that was brought in the market by the company, and features such as 5 pounds trigger, a double recoil spring, and has a polymer frame.

One of the main reasons that the Glock G20 GEN4 handgun is quite popular is because its an affordable price tag with which it comes that makes it a viable option that enables even the people with a tight budget to give it a try. The massive and most impressive advantage that it exercises over the other pistols is that the G20 holds an incredible 15 rounds within the magazine and makes it an exceptional value for money option that you can buy. Believe us, with 15 rounds of 10mm ammo, it will not be hard to come out of any situation, and you can also save a lot of precious seconds that would have been spent reloading your weapon.

All the features mentioned above make it perfect for all scenarios, be it hunting, self-defense, or even recreational shooting. Like the previous pistol, the G20 also has customizable abilities, and you will be able to choose the grip that you want to and suits the size of your hands and is perfect for anyone in need of an inexpensive and high-performing pistol.


  • It provides an all-round value for money and is equipped with customizable aspects.
  • It has a high capacity magazine and is exceptionally lightweight.


  • It requires a gunsmith to add a red dot sight to it.
  • It has a comparatively shorter barrel length and thus has reduced muzzle velocity.


#3 – Sig Sauer P220 Elite 10mm Auto

Sig Sauer P220 Elite 10mm Auto
The Sig Sauer P220 Elite 10mm Auto is the third 10 millimeters pistol in our list of the best 10 millimeters pistols available in the market, which you can buy. It rolls out from the house of Sig Sauer, a well-trusted brand that delivers high-quality products throughout the world. When it first launched in the market, it was adopted by the Swiss government as their official military firearm. Many other nations also followed the path and still use the Sig Sauer P220 Elite 10mm Auto.

The features included in the Sig Sauer P220 Elite 10mm Auto are that it is equipped with the Sig Sauer Four-Point Safety System, has an eight inches barrel, and is equipped with a long sight radius. The Sig Sauer P220 Elite 10mm Auto comes in a camo finish that helps it blend in with natural environments. The 10mm pistol is suitable for both hunting and self-defense and is quite versatile.

The build quality of the firearm is high and features a G-10 grip for comfort. The front sight is fixed, but the rear sight of the gun is adjustable. It also has an accessory rail underneath the barrel that lets you add a light or a laser if you’d like to, a feature that is absent in most of the 10 mm pistols.

The pistol also features a safety notch that prevents the hammer from hitting the firing pin accidentally. As an added safety, the pin also has a safety feature that keeps it in place until the trigger is pulled by the shooter. Overall, the Sig Sauer P220 Elite 10mm Auto is quite a good 10 mm pistol to be used by someone who is a little bit experienced in shooting and is quite comfortable with pistols. The added safety features make it secured from any mishappenings.


  • It has consistent performance over long periods of use.
  • It is equipped with a long barrel.
  • The pistol features a camouflage finish for hunting purposes.


  • It has limited magazine capacity.
  • It might appear to be slightly bulky for some people.

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#4 – Dan Wesson RZ-10

Dan Wesson RZ-10
The Dan Wesson RZ-10 is the fourth 10 millimeters pistol in our list of the best 10 millimeters pistols available in the market which you can buy. The features included in the weapon are a 5 inches barrel, has an undercut trigger guard, is equipped with an elongated frame, and a magazine capacity of nine rounds.

It also has a double diamond cocobolo grip for enhanced control. This pistol is preferred for self-defense purposes as it is usable without a lot of practice, and the chances of misfire are very less.


  • It has a magazine capacity of nine rounds.
  • It is also equipped with a double diamond cocobolo grip for enhanced control.


  • It might appear heavy to some users.


#5 – Colt Delta Elite

Colt Delta Elite
The Colt Delta Elite is the fifth 10 millimeters pistol in our list of the best 10 millimeters pistols available in the market, which you can buy. The features included in the firearm are is equipped with two magazines that hold eight rounds each, features a skeletonized blade trigger, and has fixed Novak iron sights with white dots for easy aiming.

The barrel measures 5 inches long, and as an added safety feature, the gun will not fire unless the grip safety is being held down.


  • It is made with quality iron that gives durability.
  • It comes with two magazines from the manufacturer.


  • It is quite heavy even when unloaded.



We hope that you liked our article on the best 10 mm pistols available in the market that you can buy to make your secure or hunting experience smoother. But before purchasing a 10 mm pistol, do analyze your needs, to get the features that you need, nothing more, nothing less.

Like all products, the best 10 mm pistols also come in the higher price change so, it is advised to buy a quality product rather than going for the cheapest one, as a quality product will perhaps last a long time without demanding a replacement.